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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Major, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Major

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    Perhaps the most retarded stereotype that I see on this forum everyday is that how much money people make is directly proportional to how hard they work and how much effort they've given to get to where they're at. It usually comes out as "poor people are lazy" or "person A who makes $100,000 a year works harder than person B who makes $40,000 a year." It's simply not true. Are you telling me teachers don't work hard? I know several people with graduate degrees who earn a lot less than people without. So where did this stereotype come from?
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  2. CaptainObvious

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    I've never seen anyone make the correlation to poor people are lazy and thus don't make much. I've always seen people say they don't have the jobs that the market dictates a higher pay. Of course teachers work hard, much harder in some instances than professional football players, but of course the market dictates that athletes make much more.
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    Well many of you did state that one of the reasons why socialism doesn't work is because you can work hard while others lazy around and get the same.

    This is the same, those who work harder shouldn't get better paid? they should, yet they dont.
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    Why should they?

    If you ran a warehouse would you hire people to work for $75,000 a year or $20,000 a year, assuming both options were available to you? (And I assure you, they are. A warehouse owner could chose to pay his employees $75k a year if he wanted to. They wouldn't complain, hence, the option is available).

    And to address the OP, more effort doesn't necessarily mean more money. My stance on the issue is that effort and the money you make should be totally separate. If you work 24/7 and only make $1 an hour then maybe you should look into forming/joining a union. If you work 1 hour a day and make a million dollars a year then obviously you've made some very successful decisions. You are probably helping the economy and the general public in many ways with what you add to the table through your line of work.

    In the sport of track and field, would it be fair to make the people who run faster start further back, regardless of whether or not they are naturally faster or if they trained hard to get there?
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    And you said it very well =)

    What motivation would i have for work if the guy next to me does less and earns more?
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    Well, if the government would stop giving you free handouts then I guess your motivation would be so you could continue living? Otherwise if you don't make money then you will not be able to buy food and you'll die. Most people are motivated to survive, after all. ;)

    So just because you know there are people out there who make more than you and work less, you become unmotivated to work? Why not become motivated to push yourself to succeed as well?
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  7. Mihael_langley

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    If im a teacher, how much would i have to push myself to earn a football players salary?
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    Track and field is a sport. I don't know what your point is or how it even relates to this thread.
  9. Mirage

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    Pretty hard. But then again it's your choice to become a teacher. You're looking at this the wrong way though. Nobody said that different jobs will or can pay the same. As a teacher you could still make a ton of money if you took your salary and invested it, started up a side business, etc. It's your responsibility to succeed on your own, however you choose to do it. When you decide what profession you want to go into, one good thing to do upfront is see if you'll be ok with the pay. If not then you should pursue something else. It's your choice what line of work you want to pursue. People shouldn't be forced to pay you more just because you want more.

    How does it matter that it's a sport? My question is still relevant. If you can't handicap people in sports for being better then why is it fair to do it for other things?
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  10. Major

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    How does this thread have anything to do with sports or handicapping the wealthy?

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