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Money saver? Penny pincher?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'm a little bit of both right now. I've been working for a year and a half and I'm still loving the fact that I can spend money on stuff like comic books every week, and a gadget every now and then like my new laptop. At the same time, because I'm still with my parents at home I have opportunity to save really well. I'm trying to do that before I move out but I still want to move out soon. I still don't control spending on the little things enough to call myself a big saver, but I'm aspiring to save more this year.


Registered Member
i saves up money when i can. when i got my wage (weekly) i pay my rent and other stuff that needs to be paid that week. leaving around 300-500 in my spending account and the rest if i have some spare, i put it in saving account.
those 300-500 is my limit. if i still have alot at the end of the week its a plus! if its not enough then suck it in. i spend too much, no extra money for me.

I think i tend to calculate everything. is it worth it to buy this or that. Do i really need to buy this or that.

I spend most of my money on food ( i like to eat tasty foods) not items. I only buy stuff when i really need them :)


Sally Twit
Only since October last year. I save £50 a month for my car. It's just in case anything happens to it, plus it will have it's MOT in April. I have no idea how much that's going to cost, but hopefully not more than £300.


Well-Known Member
I, like everyone else, like to spend money. Saving is hard for me, but I do it anyways.

Most of the money that I make goes toward college, my goal is to graduate without any debt, so far I'm just behind track on that. Working over the summer should catch me up though.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm not very good at saving, not much left over for saving but I do try to make every penny go as far as possible. I make it a habit to know where I can get something at the best price especially if its something I use a lot.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
There was a time when I could save money. In the past year and a half, it wasn't really possible. Everything I earn is already to pay for something.