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Money saver? Penny pincher?


The Rock is cooking atm..
Who here honestly SAVES money, like you can honestly say that you do put away money on occasion? I find it quite hard to save money considering the things that I want at the time. A new game, food, you name it. You hear the notion of "squeeze every penny" (term coined from a simpsons episode) If you have a few spare dollars in your wallet, do you put it away and save it? I honestly wish I could save a lot of the money I make, but I find it hard. What about you guys?


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All the time. In fact, I used to save money TOO much. I would miss out on things I enjoyed just to save a couple bucks, or skip a meal because I didn't want to pay a few bucks for lunch


The Rock is cooking atm..
^^That's definitely a habit I would love to work on, seriously! It's always quite sad to hear my other friends whose saved a heap of money, because to be honest I don't really think in the long term, I live in the now, and now isn't necessarily going to hold weight unless I have some cash saved up :/


When I have a job I can be quite good at saving. I'm currently unemployed unfortunately and don't really have much to save.


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I can be both a spender and a saver. Over my gap year, every single penny I earned whilst working went into a savings account. 3 years later and I still haven't touched it. I'm too lazy to transfer it into my checking account :hah:

But I don't like to not spend money for the sake of saving up more than I really need to.

On an everyday basis, I'm not that great of a saver. But if I needed to save up more money than I already have in savings then I absolutely could do it with ease. I don't have much incentive to at the moment though, since my parents still feed and shelter me for the most part.


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I'm more of a saver of money rather than being a spender. One reason is that I don't want to have to deal with the stress that goes a long with being broke. The other reason is that purchasing nice things and having nice things isn't what makes me happy.


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I've been saving a lot recently since I got a job, the only thing I spend my money on is my two bills, food, petrol and taking the girlfriend out for dinner once a week. I've got a good amount stashed on my bank account and I am very content with my financial state. As for small amounts of money such as loose change, I have a box and I put it in there. I have three full boxes so far. Gonna turn them into the bank soon and get it counted.


Better Call Saul
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I like to save money because I like knowing I have a lot of money in my bank account. Sometimes I'll go out and spend but I don't usually spend too much...only when I need too. I guess it depends but I am not anti spending or anything haha


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What I spend some of my money on is going out to breakfast or lunch at local diners. However, that's pretty much the only time I really spend money, other than for buying groceries or filling up my car with fuel.

In 2011, I spent some money for travelling purposes, as I travelled the east coast of the U.S. If I had a lot of money to throw around, I spend more money for more trips to other areas in the U.S., such as the Rocky Mountains or the Great Lakes. Lately, I've been saving money to do so within the next couple of years.


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I love cooking, so we spend more than we should on groceries at times, but I think the fact that we hardly ever eat out balances the expense.
I'd say our biggest expense is on travel.