Money Has Been A Shithole


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the past few checks i have been getting, i recieved after the bank closes on a saturday or i get them on a monday
i am suppose to get the on a friday, but i usually them on a saturday >_<
i get my paycheck once every 2 weeks
i usually get 150-180 bucks(with taxes taken out so actually 200-230 dollars)

i usually work only on week days
but lately i have been working more hours on week days, plus weekends because of hunting season
my dad hunts
lately ive been getting the same amount, which i feel i should be getting more

this week, i had a 4 day break from school(thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday) though
another worker came over 2 of the days but left at 2:00 pm
my dad didn't get home til 8:00 both of those days
i ended up working the same amount of hours as i do on a normal week

and guess was i got as a paycheck?
79 bucks!

i feel like i want to scream at my dad right now, but im scared
and i know talking about money at all, especially in a normal or professional convo won't ever sway my way because he's a fucking cheap ass jew

im going to talk to my mom about it, because ever since i got this check i have a point to back up that i have been getting shitty pay

also i haven't been eating lunch at all lately, due to the fact that i have to pay for my lunches

i feel like i want to strangle something, i want to fucking kill my dad for doing the time cards
he doesn't care about anything but his own damn money


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Aww poor baby.

Deal with it. Shit happens. Life isn't going to end, as a matter of fact I doubt it gives a shit if your panties are in a bunch because you didn't get another $30 to spend on useless shit like makeup.