Money for grades.

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There is a program thats starting to find its way to schools in under-privildged neighborhoods. Its all about getting the youth of the community out of the vicious cycle of drugs, violence, and dropping out. Since most of the kids drop out to make money to help their familys, the program just pays the kids for each good grade they get. An "A" gets you the most money while an "F" probably gets you nothing. This not only aims to lower the precent of highschool dropouts, but lets the kids help their struggling familes.

So, what do you think about this? Do you think that giving kids money for learning will de-value learning in their eyes? Will ruin their respect for the power of money?




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I like this idea. I never got money for good grades but I think if I did I might have got more good grades...

Some people will argue that money shouldn't be used as a motivator for good grades, but why not? Technically people who get good grades WILL make more money later on in life. This system is just speeding up the reward process.

Now if those kids spend the money on drugs then that's another story altogether...


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It's a good idea, definitely helps kids keep focus on school rather than other things which in turn helps America's future. They are getting a better education that a lot of people (due to the motivation) and they make money, it's a sweet deal if you ask me.
I think it's a great idea. Why not find ways to motivate the kids to do better?
I've never been above paying my girls for good grades.


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Now I don't know if I agree with the SCHOOL paying them for good grades. That might be a little unnecessary but the idea in general is a good one.

Think of it this way. You pay them some money for good grades and they end up getting really good grades and getting a scholarship. I doubt you had to pay them as much as you just saved by them getting a scholarship (however much % it was). Especially if they got a full ride. Totally worth it if that's how it ends up.


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I think it could work. If the money is oversaw by a certain department then it wold be better than having the kids give it to there parents.
It makes me wonder that if money is involved the kids will find a way to cheat along the way just to earn that money.

Not a bullet-proof plan, however, I agree with it nonetheless. Gives the kids a helping hand, motivation and better educated.


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Yeah, it depends on what kind of money we're talking about here. I mean, if we're talking $10 per A then yeah that's not too much and it will encourage kids to keep up. Are we talking paying these kids for each grade or each report card grade. Like, does an A on a paper get you paid or only an A in the class as a whole?

I like the idea because it gives the kids the right mentality, that they will be rewarded for hard work. Because let's face it, telling a 14-year old that the reward is education doesn't exactly encourage them (most of the time).


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I'm in favor of it but maybe only for above average performance. I don't know how your grades are in there. But if C is average, then only A and B get the award, C doesn't (but you pass the subject), while below C (not only you don't get the award, but you fail the course). That way it won't just be all about monetary also recognise that actually passing a course (even on an average grade) is considered something motivating already.


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I think they should receive a bonus if they move from a C to a higher grade. Say, they go from a C one semester then an A. Why not give them a small percentage bonus for going the extra mile? This way, having a C is seen as nothing terrible (as it is after all, average) but aiming higher will get you better rewards.