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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by dize, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. dize

    dize Registered Member

    I have noticed lately that many people who are hosting money mystery auctions are getting their accounts suspended w/ebay & pay pal. Why is that? :eek:oh:

  2. kromsales

    kromsales Registered Member

    Prolly shill bidding
  3. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

    I noticed that too....I think it is because they do not word their auctions have to sell SOMETHING not the money
  4. dize

    dize Registered Member

    That could be true. I just notice that many people with long term accounts have been losing their accounts. It could be a tax thing too.
  5. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

    Yeah I just don't understand it...when I did my mystery Stuffed toys...I was careful how I worded everything....I made it clear over and over that you are bidding on the stuffed toy not the contents.....Who was it that sold the jars of money....he had three of them going and he kept getting pulled because he did not say "you are only bidding on the jar" the last time he finally caught on and worded it right...........

    Tax thing??? that is beyond me...maybe they didn't pay there fees??? I can't see how you could not though....Ebay does not miss a beat sucking my fee's outta my account every month...hmmmmmmmmmm who knows....kinda seems like Ebay picks and chooses who they like is all.........

    I believe that Ebay kept pulling the million dollar safe cuz it was really exploitation of seemed as if Ebay was tired of being made fun of......but it is true...anything will sell on Ebay....
  6. dize

    dize Registered Member

    Well I got an e-mail from woohoo man today & he said that he was no longer taking pay pal payments for auctions because he was a high risk due to his bizarre auctions. I was wondering if Pay pal was concerned w/the IRS questioning them for these huge pay outs and no tax responsibility.

    Yeah...E-bay snatches $$$ from me too. And you are right; anything will sell on E-bay, so they need to not be so defensive and picky. They are still making money all the way around.
  7. feral_films

    feral_films Registered Member

    oh yeah, i believe that, ive heard some horror stories before

    they gave me guff over an auction i had, of a video I MADE, of i band who gets a cut, and just because they are a dead tribute band i have to send in thousands of documents about copyrights. every time, they want more, i had phil lesh email them and still they are like "it all has to be notarized" ect. but how am i supposed to track him down and get him to sign something?

    ebay does seem to play favs.

    its the multi thousand feedback people who never really have trouble, you notice that?

    ebay does charge a lot on some stuff. i think the promotional (feature, ect) should be a % of final value, so i can sell my $5 item and not have to pay $20 to feature it

    who is gonna join me in starting a new and friendlier auction site?
  8. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    Feral pleeeeeaaaaase tell me your cap button is broke and your not doing this to me on purpose!!!!!!
  9. feral_films

    feral_films Registered Member

    what are the 'capitols' you speak of?

    like where the state reps do their thing?

    mAybE i WiLl Do ThIs FoR a WhIlE?


    OR eVErY ThIRd LEtTEr NOt CApS?
  10. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    Good, the buttons not think back to 3rd grade.....just try it every now and then. I think my girls might miss me if I end up in a MH because of a few missing caps!

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