Monday Night Wars


Sultan of Swat
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I miss those Monday Night Wars, they were epic.

Which show did you guys watch the most when the Monday Night Wars were going on?

Nitro or Raw?


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Nitro was a three hour show back when I watched so I would watch WCW Nitro the first hour and then switched over and flipped back and forth in watching RAW and Nitro. Depending on what was happening at the time I would watch what I liked better.

I remember when Goldberg was wrestling Hogan for the World title...I watched that, sorry RAW main event haha.

I will say the most often then not I would watch WWE(F) over WCW.
I was a WCW fan when the wars first started, I was hooked on the Sting vs. Hogan (and the NWO) storyline. I also enjoyed Mysterio/Guerrero/Jericho battles. I didn't even really know WWF existed at the time.

Then one night I was flipping through the channels, caught some of WWF and was hooked. Stone Cold, Nation of Domination vs. DX, DX's crazy skits, Understaker vs. Kane.

After that, I would occasionally flip over to WCW, but I never watched for more than 5 minutes at a time. It was all WWE for me.