monday morning IQ test

That was fun!!!! I got the division question wrong! But, how do they determine how your sex life is by this test?? According to them, mine is mediocre..... :(


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angelspeak said:
Hey.....I want mine to be Bi***en.....not so sure about being a stud Nani! :lol:

Ha! The only thing around here that is Bi***en (not to be taken in the good way) is my old man! Haahhahahahahhaa :hmph:


what? no pink?
hehe it said my love life was not bad and should expect it to bloom soon. I missed 3, the first one cuz I misread the question LOL I was like NO they don't celebrate the 4th hahaha did much better after that one though. Then I missed the one about how many animals did moses take on the ark. ARRG! this is really funny cuz I didn't even catch that it said moses and believe it or not I'm a sunday school teacher HOW EMBARRASSING!! I don't think I will be bringing that up in class on sunday : )

then I missed the three apples one hahaha