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Mom's Computer...


Registered Member
Ok, I'm using my mom's computer and there is somethign seriously screwy with it...
I was trying to view some ads on eBay yesterday and the photos come up all pixelated... BADLY. Here too, the eye on the front page looks like someone pieced it together with building blocks. Mom is on Dial-up and Im curious to know if there are some type of settings that she has messed with to make pages load faster... What settings would those be? Or is dial-up just really THAT bad on viewing pics?


Premium Member
Sounds like the display adapter got screwed up or the video card could be going out..
Bet it's the adapter though!
First try this..
Right click anywhere on the desktop & go to Properties.. That will bring up the Display Properties window
Go to the "settings" tab.. Make sure the "Color Quality" is set to at least 16 bit.. Press apply then OK

If that wasn't it then do this..
These instructions are for XP..
Right click on "My Computer" go to "Properties" The system properties window will pop up..
Go to the "Hardware" tab on the top..
Click on "Device Manager"
click the + sign next to "Display Adapter"
Right click on the display adapter that's listed & click "Uninstall"
Restart the system.. It should locate it again & reinstall it..

With older versions of Windows the instructions are a tad different. You'll see the Device Manager tad when you open up the system properties window


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does she have an accelerator with the dial up? With the accelerator you can decrease the pixel of pics so they load faster. HTH


Registered Member
Thank you all... It was an accelerator! Freakin bellsouth dialup buncha ***@($*#*&$#(# *sigh* Ok, all vented and better now... Thanks :) Trying out a cheapo digital camera 30 bucks at Freds. Now to see if this makes it all better :D


Registered Member
OMG!! Iggy you are unbelievable! Even on your vacation you are ebaying! AAAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAhahaha!! :lol:


Registered Member
pfffft... I had to bribe dad somehow to let me come eat his good cookin and have him give me a break from the kids lol Gonna be alot more stuff go up as soon as I get my mom to quit buggin me about every little detail on what I'm doing! Took me ALLLLLLL day NO JOKE to list ONE ad...