Have you ever played a game and in the game you went some where or did some thing. And you wasn't expecting anything to happen but some thing just scared the living SHIT out of you and you was so scared you didn't know what to do at that moment.
- Clocktower
- Every Residents Evil game I've played
- Dino Crisis
- Silent Hill


Yes, the horror, spooky games give me a scare every now and then. During Clocktower you have scissorman popping out and stabbing you randomly throughout the game. Bastard!


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How old are you?

School much!?!
Says the one using multiple punctuation marks and insulting comments.

Anyone say hypocrite? :rolleyes:

FEAR had a few really good moments involving the little girl. Resident Evil 4 had a great one with the "oven man" (those who have played will know what I mean and those who haven't will not expect him, trust me).