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Mom Shaming


Registered Member
I have seen many examples recently of "mom shaming" on social media among my friends. Mom shaming is when you shame another mom on social media for being a "bad mom" or not parenting the way you would. What blows my mind is that we try to be such an inclusive, progressive society and yet somehow we have become even more restrictive and judgemental. Publicly shaming someone on social media for not parenting the way you think is right is cruel and blatant bullying. We want our children to behave better, yet they look to us to see how to act, and adults can be downright mean to other adults, especially women. Women need to support one another, not tear one another down.

How do we change this? It makes me so sad to see moms tearing one another apart.


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Well, it's always easier to point fingers at people instead of looking at what's wrong with you. And unfortunately, nowadays this is happening a lot. I'm so thankful that I don't use social media that much. With all the ways people spy on each other these days, it's almost impossible to have any sort of privacy.


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Basically, some humans feed off the misery of others. They are called "assholes" and do not deserve the time of day.

That said, I have seen so many people unfit to parent it staggers the mind. I have relatives that negotiated every meal, every trip with the child, giving them an equal say in everything, even at 5 years old. When my youngest was 8 and we went to school concerts, I was amazed at the number of eight year old girls dressed like sluts - and it has to be because their parents let them and probably encourage it.

Parenting is hard work and setting limits and enforcing rules is just as hard on the parent as the child. Often harder.