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Mom charged with helping teen daughter in brawl


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'd put this in offbeat news if it wasn't so sad...there has been a pattern just in the last month or so of adults and family members going into high schools and starting fights on behalf of their kids. One of which in St. Louis I'll be going to in the morning for a client.

Mom charged with helping kid in class brawl | KMOV.com St. Louis

This latest story:

CINCINNATI -- A mother is accused of bursting into a high school classroom and helping her teen daughter beat up another student, even holding the other teen and instructing her child strike the girl in the face with a combination lock, police said.
It's sad and pathetic that people take parenting and just being an adult to these lows. What are your thoughts?


People keep pointing at guns, video games, movies, and tv shows as to why their child is so messed up. Yet every day I hear about one or two parents making huge mistakes like this. I guess it is so easy to place blame on everyone and every thing else then accept that you are just a horrible parent. These kind of stories make me so sick.



Free Spirit
Staff member
That is so messed up, I hope the mother gets to go to prison for a few months and the daughter to juvenile detention. Your not much of a parent or human being if this is how you handle your kids problems at school.

I have to agree with Omega.