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"Molly Holly" to marry WHO? (what a story!)


Lion Rampant
Former WWE Women's Champion Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald is getting married. The Minnesota native will marry a man by the name of Geno Benshoof in a small ceremony in the backyard garden of the groom's family home in White Bear Lake, Minnesota later this month. The wedding comes just one year after the two met at a drug and alcohol recovery program.

Over a three-year period, the former WWE Diva's husband-to-be had been arrested, charged and convicted of felony drug possession, burglary and possession of a dangerous weapon. He was also homeless and had contemplated suicide. It all came to head in February 2009 when a judge ordered him to enter a drug rehabilitation program or face 56 months in prison.

Greenwald was working at a Minneapolis center as a teen counselor when she met Benshoof, who had just landed an internship after completing court-ordered drug treatment. She said she couldn't help being attracted to him.

"I knew I was falling for him," Greenwald told the White Bear Press. "But I had to keep my feelings to myself to protect my job."

Company policy prohibited counselors from dating interns, but Benshoof eventually landed a paying position and the two were free to date. A church pastor encouraged the relationship.

Greenwald admits Benshoof was her first boyfriend and that she doesn't care to be a virgin.

"I'm a 32-year-old virgin that doesn't care to be a 33-year-old virgin," said Greenwald.

She then added, "Yup, we're waiting until our wedding night. It's pretty cool
that Geno loves me enough to buy the car without test driving it first."
Aww factor 10! I have an immense respect for Nora Greenwald. She insists that she didn't leave WWE because of the Attitude Era emphasis on lewdness and that she's welcome back anytime. But with her religious Minnesota upbringing it's not hard to figure out her views on sex and sexuality. Good on her for staying true to her values.

For the guy's part, I'm assuming that he's really clean. If he weren't, a girl like her wouldn't be around him and he wouldn't have a job as a counselor. Kicking dope is another thing that takes a strong will. I wish them both the best!


"Expect the unexpected"
Interesting story. I wasn't really a fan of Molly Holly but I certainly wish her all the best.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Nice story, and couldn't be happier for Molly Holly :)

Wow, to be straight up honest about her virginity like that, takes courage, and I commend her for that, as well as being true to her faith :D

Congrats Molly Holly :)