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Sally Twit
Do you have any moles or freckles?

I have a couple of freckles on my FACE and a few on my hands. Then on my arms I have some moles.

I've never really thought about keeping an eye on my moles until recently. My friend has about five on her back and she said her boyfriend said one has become slightly raised and is a bit darker than it used to be. She is going to get them checked out.

Have you ever had to get any checked out?

My mum had skin cancer quite a few years ago but even that didn't make me think to keep an eye on my own moles. She is fine now but she has to keep herself completely covered in the sun. It's only now that I've started thinking about it.


rainbow 11!
I have a couple moles, but they are hidden. Like, one under my arm (inorite? I love and hate that it's there. love that it's hidden, but hate it's in the pit.) and another under the other arm. I have one that FEELS like a mole, but when I look at it, it's skin color. it's on my lower back, almost angled above the hip. i have a shit ton of freckles on my arms and face. the rest of me doesn't get enough sun, so it's pasty white and freckle free.

although, I was out in the sun of an hour the other day, thirty minutes on my back and thirty on my stomach, and a splash of freckles appeared over my legs. though they are gone now. i hope to repeat the procedure as I try to not look like a glowing beacon of pasty white when I got to Myrtle Beach.


still nobody's bitch
I have a lot of moles, far too many to count. I keep an eye on those that I can see, but unfortunately I have a couple of them on my back that obviously I can't watch for changes.

I've had one removed because it was on my neck right where the edge of the seat belt lay while I was driving, and the seat belt kept rubbing it almost to the point of bleeding.

As far as I'm aware, no one in my family has had skin cancer.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I do have moles in a few places, but most have not been raised and none have been problematic. I've gotten more on my abdomen as I've gotten older, but they're small. I feel weird typing this out, haha!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I have several moles. There's one just under my left eye and I even put it as distinguishing mark just in case they need to identify my body.

I've never had problems with moles, nor anyone I know personally.


Registered Member
i get more freckles in the summer, i have a mole under my eye, and few in other places.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't have any moles but I have dark freckles scattered randomly about.


Registered Member
I have had two moles removed, one from my back that I tore open at work on a piece of metal, it would not stop bleeding so I went to casualty and they just cut it out and stitched me up.
The other was on the right side of my neck, I noticed that it had become more prominent, it was on the Tshirt line so would rub really bad, the doctor said they could remove it easily.

I have one more that is on my left hip and that has become slightly raised and is rubbing as well so I will be getting that checked soon.

Apart from that I get a line of freckles across my nose every summer.


Creeping On You
I have freckles all over. I have one on my shoulder that's a little raised, and I always check it for changes. Otherwise, I have a big one on my right forearm, and a giant one on my right shin. Both of them have never changed shape. The one on my leg grows nice long black hairs. haha. My face and forearms and back and lower legs are covered in freckles. If I'm out in the sun, they get darker and show up more.


Registered Member
My mom also had skin cancer and I'm a redhead with the redhead complexion, so they went over me with a fine tooth comb. I've probably had about seven removed for testing but no bad ones yet