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Mods for Skyrim?


Registered Member
Does anybody here have some mods in mind for Skyrim that improve the basic level of fun in the game?

I have little interest in new armors or weapons, more quests, adventures, more places to go people to talk to, that sort of thing.

Also interested in gameplay improvements, smarter AI, improved perk system, etc.

Thanks for any replies.


I haven't used any mods myself, but I did watch a video with shoutfarting which was pretty funny. Instead of the normal shout your character turned around and farted the deadly shout at the enemy. Very immature but quite hilarious.


Well-Known Member
I'm currently installing the higher resolution texture DLC (found it for free on Steam). I honestly can't believe how long it's been since I've played this game. I don't have any of the expansions at all. That's something that I shall have to remedy, but I'd like to get generally further into the main game before I go out and purchase any expansions.

I think I finally have a computer capable of handling everything on ultra (including distant objects) at 1080p.


Well-Known Member
I finally just went through and got tons of mods for this game. I intend to give this game a good run eventually.

I went through collections and downloaded any and all graphical improvements that seemed legit to me. I am currently downloading 1.2GB of new data for the game, that's quite an impressive amount.

I went for a bunch of things such as changes in weather patterns, static ripple fixes, environmental changes, changes to ruins, sound effects (not soundtrack), and things like that. We'll see if my computer can handle all of them. I've never done mods before because they always seemed like they will overload the engine.