PlayStation 3 ModNation Racers


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I bought this game yesterday and I'm already hooked!!

I bought it in the first place cause of the great track editor, but the more I race the more I realize what an incredible depth the gameplay has and what awesome opportunities there are. :cool:
One word: recommended!



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More detail please? I like racing games, but I'm not quite sure what this is?

Its a kart game, only you make your own tracks, Like in LBP and you share with your community.

There is a demo at the store, its a very solid game.

However, i played the beta and the 4 minute loadings and the region lock kept me from buying it, so i hope they have fixed the loadings and open the connection.


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It's like mario kart I guess, but a little less 'fruity'. (I like nintendo's cartoonish style).

Modnation makes up for it in the balanced game play and the creativity part.

Racing is basically about 'boosts'. You get a boost-meter that you can fill up by drifting through corners, making 360-turns in the air, drafting (slipstream racing) and by driving over boost pads.
The boosts you can then use either to boost your speed ór to put a shield around your car.

This makes for a very challenging and balanced racing experience. It's not like Mario Kart where you can simply leave 3 nana's behind your cart and pretty much become immortal.. The shield takes up quite a boost and you need to have quite some boost in reserve to actually use it for a decent ammount of time.

I suppose the expert racers will pretty much drift there way through each corner, increasing speed and increasing boost power (it's actually not too hard.. after 2 days I can drift through about 3 or 4 corners after another).

So yeah, it's definitely a challenging game and one you can easily learn by playing through career mode (every game you get 3 challenges, like knocking 3 people off the road, doing 30000 points by drifting, etc.). It's an easy way to learn all the tricks there are to outrace your opponents (and there are a lot!).

The track editor is just awesome. It has 4 basic environments, but in the desert-theme for example, you can make a simple desert village, or create a big castle with a mosque-like palace ór you can use the old egyptian pillars to create a totally different 'theme'.
It's easy to use.. you just drive around to put a basic road and after you can let the cpu decorate it with road signs, weapon packs, buildings, trees, etcetera.
The expert creators can make incredibly sweet creations I reckon.. I've played trackmania on PC myself and it was amazing to see what people could create with only 10% of the opportunities ModNations has to offer.. I think the most popular maps will look incredibly sweet!

And then there's the opportunity to make your own character, your own cart, etcetera etcetera. It's nice, pleasant to look at, easy to use, yet at the same time offers a whole lot of possibilities for people who want to take it further.

One tiny minus: the loading times take up to 25 seconds, which is quite long, but it's not a real issue IMO, it's do-able.
And well, the racing might ask more of a player than mario karts does, so it's not ideal for children I guess..


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yeah its a Mario Kart Killer.

Basically the way I've seen it, its Mario Kart + Little Big Planet. Two spectacular games.

I'll be getting it this weekend.