[Modern Warfare 2] Dual 1887's


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I wanted to start a separate topic on this because it's been bugging me. What do you think of the dual shotguns? AKA, God's fingers. These things are insansely good. How good? Ever killed someone from thirty feet away with Ranger? Nope. The dual 1887's just drive me nuts because yes, everyone is using them and no, they seem to require no skill outside of the "can you aim at someone?" ability. They're just extremely frustrating and I've yet to see someone with them go negative.

Do you think they're overpowered? Do you think a fix is necessary (for the range on them basically)? Disagree?


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As a close range end all weapon, i think that's fine. 2 feet away from someone, nothing's cooler than blasting them away. But I am extremely frusterated with being blown away from down the street on a map. If they are going to have them have that much range, they should weaken them enough so that only super close range shots insta kill like that.


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I've been bitching to my little bro about this non-stop.

I HATE the 1887's and refuse to use them even though they are so incredibly easy to own with. Its like the M203 (Grenade Launcher).... All you need is enough skill to know its range and then the ability to point it in the right direction. Everyone hates the Grenade Launcher... so much its even earned its own Hate title in the gaming world! "Noob Tube".

But I do agree, the 1887's are way to overpowered. People use them way to often and I hate seeing people practically sniping with them. I've watched my Bro get on the two and three story buildings and literally open scope style snipe people that those shotguns should never reach out to.


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I have no problem with their power, I just think it's a pain like you said when you get killed from half a map away. I could care less if they were an instant kill from five feet away.


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The thing that puts the 1887 ahead of other shotguns is the range, otherwise i find the AA more efficient almost like a sub machine gun of buckshots lol


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oh yeah, I love the shotgun power... I mean hell in COD4 we had the Combat Shotguns that were one shot kills, thats cool with me... but in COD4 you had to be at least just out of Knifing Distance. They were a room clearer and nothing more, thats what the shotguns should be.

I do agree its the disgustingly over powered range of the 1887's that make it a cheap gun.

Also I agree with Maik, the AA12 feels like its the most perfectly balanced one in my Opinion. You get close enough with it and you're ripped open by unstoppable Shotgun blasts... but if you open up to far away from someone with it... you just end up looking stupid. Thats how the 1887's should be.


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God I hate those douchefuckers. Nothing is worse than filling a dude up with the F2000 at 40 feet and some fucker with those shotguns offs you with one shot. its total BS. I like using them though. I always take the oppurtunity to pick one them up, and they look wicked fun to use.

As for best shitgun, i have to argue that the Ranger is total badass. Even with just FMJs, they are awesome. Going akimbo with them though, no one can get near me at close range. Except if the douche fuck is using the 1887s.


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I hate 1887 akimbo. I remember a specific example: In Favela, I was jumping from the large roof with the little bunker in it;

Above "2: The Shortcut" to below it, and some guy on the building to the left of The Shortcut shot me as I was leaping across.

But it's fun to watch people sprint with them. :lol:


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its been a relief since the patch to not get ass raped by those damn 1887's. In fact it was pretty hilarious almost right after the patch. A few people were still running around with them trying to blow people away but were being made to look like idiots because the shotguns werent reaching like they used to.

The Map "infiltration" was the first one I saw this at.... there was a guy running around with the Dual 1887's firing down the streets trying to nab kills and the distance just wasnt working like it used to. He was giving his position away and getting owned that whole game.

I think I squirted a tear... it was such a thing of beauty.

............thank you infinity ward :hoorah: