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Modern-Day DaVinci? Wow check this out!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Anyone ever seen anything made by Theo Jansen? He is a Kinetic engineer and he makes some amazing art projects. They are really cool and there is just something about watching them that makes me feel relaxed.

He makes wind powered "creatures" that 'walk" along. They are AWESOME and so incredibly innovative. To say the least it's easy to be inspired to push myself as an artist when I see what he has done. It's like an art/engineering hybrid of some sort but whatever it is he has made some really cool stuff.

YouTube - A Modern-Day DaVinci Genius?

and another cool one:

YouTube - "Kinetic Sculptures" strandbeest Theo Jansen

and a BMW ad with this guy in it:

YouTube - "Kinetic Sculptures" strandbeest Theo Jansen

(More like Theo Jansen talking and BMW taking credit during the last 2 seconds..)