Moderator Preview?


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Sorry but I'm not really sure of the purpose of the moderator preview on some posts, I have seen it twice so far today, is it some form of flood control or something? Please fill me in, I'm a bit lost here.


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It's a system for us (The GF Staff) to check up on the new members posts and make sure their first few post are not spam or anything against the rules.

If you are not a spammer then you have nothing to worry about.

That is the general description.


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Right, I see, it's just kind of annoying to have to wait for the posts to be approved when a topic could well have taken off from that point originally posted. I can understand the idea of needing to keep an eye on new users though.

Maybe you could see if someone could make a flagging system though, so if users with 500+ posts see some breaking rules, they flag them and enough flags cause the user to be put on moderation and all previous posts by them hidden. Not sure how possible that is though.

But thanks for that answer.


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We have that already, it's called the Report Post function. The flood control is just fine, there's nothing wrong with it and it saves us from being flooded by adbots and your general e-tards.


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No I'm not talking about the report button, I mean kind of an automated muting system, lol, the report button doesn't mute someone globally :s


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It's only for the first ten posts with flagged words or any link.

We just approve them.


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NotAtAll you shouldn't have this problem anymore. It only happens during your first few posts and you are past that anyway. :)