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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Mirage, Apr 26, 2010.

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    It's one thing to not believe in God or not be sure if there is a God, but it's another thing to go a step further and outright mock God. Why? Because this is what separates the 99% atheists and agnostics from the 100%ers. I think most people or any belief would have a hard time saying some of the things said by the people in these videos without being slightly worried.

    Here are some videos of popular atheist comedians who bash religion, specifically Christianity (at least in these videos), and in many cases outright mock God.

    First, Penn Jillette's rant on religion. I included him because I've used one of his videos in other threads showing how he actually supports prosthelytizing. To be fair, he's still a Bible and religion hating atheist. Here's what he has to say on the subject:

    YouTube - Penn & Teller; The Bible is Bullshit.

    Second, Bill Maher on religion. It's no secret that Bill Maher absolutely hates religion. It's a subject that he enjoys bashing on a regular basis:

    YouTube - Bill Maher reads from The Purpose Driven Life

    Third, the late George Carlin's rant on religion. Keep in mind as you watch this video that George Carlin is dead. I think we can all agree that he certainly put all of his chips on the "There's absolutely no God" table. Consider for a moment that perhaps he was wrong? That would make him a bigger believer in God right now than any one of us. Then again, if he was right, then he's simply gone. Both options presented, if you can watch this entire video without getting chills for his sake then congratulations, you're a certified bonafide atheist.

    YouTube - George Carlin - Religion is bullshit.

    To those here who would tend to agree with what's said in the above videos, what points do you believe are the best and why? To those who disagree with these videos, what parts got to you the most and why?

  2. Bananas

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    I'll try and watch all the vids later but for now, as Im sure you can probably guess my view, I shall just add is an insight; Atheists mocking religion is no different to religions mocking rationality.
  3. Wade8813

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    Penn raised some worthwhile points to consider, but they were buried among horrible ones. I mean seriously, the Reed Sea? :lol:

    Let's review, shall we? The Israelites are running for their life. They run into a marshy "reed sea", and rather than just push on through terrain that'll slow down the Egyptian's chariots, they panic. They pray to God, and coincidentally, wind blows enough to blow the water away. The Israelites see this and run across. Then, the Egyptians follow, and somehow manage to drown in this "reed sea". The Israelites are so excited, they decide to exaggerate and claim they walked across on dry ground - not just ground with less water on it. (And that's not even considering if 'red' and 'reed' are similar before you translate them from Hebrew...) :rolleyes:

    Maher's video seems more about Rick Warren's writing style than Christianity itself.

    Carlin also raises some decent points, but his presentation is humor focused - not content focused.

    Basically, if you clear away all the clutter, there's a few decent points that were raised (although many of their decent points also have decent answers).
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    I'm not sure about the others, but Maher isn't an atheist. He seems to dislike certainty of any kind relating to god and any afterlife, either positive or negative.

    EDIT: I went ahead and checked the others because it seemed relevant.
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    I don't relish taking sides ideologically in this area, but a blanket indictment of all religious persons as irrational seems to me to be hardly much of an insight from someone as knowledgeable as yourself. It could even be viewed as unfairly dismissive ad hominem, could it not?
  6. Major

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    At one time (not too long ago) I was 100% sure (or so I thought) there was no god, and I would have thought these videos were funny. Not so much anymore.

    "If there is a god, may he strike me dead." - George Carlin

    If he was wrong, I wonder what he's thinking now?
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  7. Sim

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    I have not seen all the vids yet, but two things:

    1) I think it's important to make a difference between "mocking God" and "mocking believers".

    2) To do the former, you can't be atheist. When God is so important for you you mock him, that means you take belief very seriously. If you were a genuine atheist, you just wouldn't care and/or just mock the strange habits of stereotypical believers -- but not God.

    To hate God means to accept God. Thus those who hate God are not atheists, but disgruntled believers. How can you hate something you don't believe to exist?
  8. Bananas

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    I specifically used the word religions in place of religious people for that very reason. I am not calling religious people irrational ad hominem, I am calling 3000 years of preconditioned arbitrary sacrosanct and an assortment of unfounded promises and punishments to sway its arguments as irrational.

    I am talking of the collective "religion" here and not of the individuals spirituality, although the OP makes a good case for it. I wonder is the OP talking of the collective secular liberalism of the past 300 years that has allowed religious criticism (mocking God/religious bashing) and turning them into a scare story with lines like....

    "....I think most people or any belief would have a hard time saying some of the things said by the people in these videos without being slightly worried....

    ... if you can watch this entire video without getting chills for
    his sake then congratulations...."

    As far as I am concerned fear is a rational metaphysical instinct of our survival, what it is not is a tool for instigating the fear of God... I think its called hadephobia(or similar) or in a weird and quirky sense looking at the videos coulrophobia:lol:.

    As far as I am concerned God, God's, Religion and everything that comes with it is fair game, and I for one will not be shaking in my boots for it...... as I would consider that irrational. I'll be scared of heights for fear of falling, scared of snakes for fear of getting bitten, I will not be scared of
    something conjured up by others that has no factual components or logical reason to its existence.

    BTW: Insight was an error on my part as my brain was still waking up, I meant to say foresight.
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  9. Wade8813

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    I think you can be a genuine atheist and mock believers' concepts of God and/or the way you feel God is portrayed in the Bible. Something doesn't have to be important to you for you to mock it.
  10. Sim

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    Sure, but that's not what I meant. Mocking a certain concept of God usually is not "mocking God", but "mocking humans", although the Christians with a severe persecution complex believe it's "blasphemy".

    Think of "Life of Brian" -- God or Christ are not mocked in the slightest, just the stupidity of mankind is.
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