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Mobius The Frost Monarch Friday, May 5th 2006

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What a beast this bad boy is. As soon as you bring Mobius out you should get an instand plus one. You give up a monster and they lose to spell/traps. This can be a bad thing for the opponent, but a very good thing for you. Being able to increase your advantage or gain advantage in one move is very important.

The least Mobius can do for you is provide a 2-2. You tribute for Mobius to destroy 2 spell/traps your opponent has. They can chain with a bottomless trap hole that you had targeted creating a 2-2 trade.

At best you can tribute for Mobius and over up a Treeborn Frog or a Sangan and destroying 2 of their spell/traps creating a 0-2.

Of course we all should know that you can go even more positive by destroying monsters so I'll let you figure out the higher numbers.

Outside of the numbers though Mobius can be morphed into quit a few good selections that can push for all sorts of advantage.

Traditional: 3.5/5
Advance: 4/5



Very good points made on this review indeed...Mobius at one point was ran over Jinzo in spades...but now with decks becoming RFG heavy Mobius kinda went into the side-lines somewhat in favor ov Jinzo...though Mobius should not be shunned due to his potentially game-turning effect...
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