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So i just got done playing an MMORPG called luminary due to some technical issues with getting the game started.

anyone know any good MMO's out there?


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Lol, i told myself, "that is the one game i'll never try" haha. i'm honestly scared to try, i'm easily addicted to MMO's and that game may take over my life haha


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I told myself that too but I'm addicted to it now......yeah, You could also try Guild Wars, its free to play after you buy it in the shop first though lol!
..I subscribed to Phantasy Star Universe for about six months. Then stupidly canceled it when I got the ps3. ..had finally crafted a decent sword, and trained enough to cast a spell that actually did damage, and everything...

I'm not sure how it compares to WoW - but PSO is the kind of game you play for a day or two, then have a pause for a few days, and so on. It's not extremely fast- paced for a real- time action game, the leveling system is pretty slow, and the classes you can play are standard run of the mill, at least until you mix them up and choose the type that fits you best, and so on. But it's suprisingly deep, and I really enjoyed it while I was playing. Guess you have to like the artwork, though. And maybe the way you're progressing through the levels, and then ending up at a hot- water pool. Or the edge of a glacier, shadowing a city in the distance - at the end of the trail. There are also bosses.

Really great community, too. Probably has something to do with all the ps2 people on it. can play it on PC or Ps2, and play on the same servers. The xbox 360 has it's own version and servers.. It's been out for a long while now, though, so odds are you're not going to find a lot of people to travel with on the same level as you right away - it's not an enormous community, and the game- world is pretty big. Still, they really do take good care of the newcomers. ..sort of imagining I'm going back if the ps3 ever gets backwards- compatibility for ps2 games..
There are a lot of quality MMORPGs out there, however since there are so many MMORPGs the community won't be as large as you would like. I remember back in the day when EverQuest was practically the only MMORPG released and it was jamed packed with quality players, and some not so quality players. Now, if you go to any decent MMORPG you won't get that same community feel, and thus you'll be soloing like any ordinary singles RPG until you're able to reach a high enough level to play with other players. Very top heavy in a lot of these MMORPG games.

If you want to play with lots of people your best bet is World of Warcraft. I, myself, is on EverQuest. Old game, but a good ol classic to play. ;)


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If you like galactic warfare with huge battles between fleets of 200 or more than try Eve Online. The game is huge and there are a lot of people all on one massive server. At first I thought that would suck, but it's actually kinda cool...