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  1. ChinUp

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    Pride .. Ufc .. ect ..

    Any opinions on Mixed martial arts competition .. I am beginning to follow it more & more .. & appreciate the pursuit of total hand to hand mastery ..

    Who do you think is the most capable hand to hand fighter in the world ?

  2. Corona

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    Chuck Norris.

    F*ck me I couldn't resist I apologize.
  3. Stoner

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    I am a huge MMA fan. Taken BJJ for almost 15 years. Love UFC and Pride.

    If anyone has any questions at all about MMA or BJJ let me know. I am very knowledgable on the topics. Especially if there are any new BJJ students...let me know if you have any questions.

    Now you know how the old saying matter how bad you are there is someone out in the world badder than you?

    Well that someone is Fedor Emelianenko from Russia. And no one is badder than him.
  4. Omega

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    Nice links....... Very nice thank you repped for that share :clap::clap::clap:
  5. ChinUp

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    So Stoner you think Fedor is on the same par or higher than Rickson Gracie ?

    Do you think Randy Couture could offer Fedor some competition ?

    [​IMG] < Fedor vs Mirko .. how he outclassed mirko .. destroyed Mirko's will to fight in the ring if you ask me .. he walked into that ring & took one look @ Fedor & realized he wasn't even a contender .. Fedor shows so impeccably that training can only take you so far .. you have to have the heart of a warrior .. & that is about being able to defeat your own fear ..

    [​IMG] < Fedor vs Lindland .. Fedor shows the grace of his art .. allowing his competitor to hang himself ..

    an honourable mention to Bruce lee's memory, another great MMA fighter ... check my FC blog From Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee
  6. Stoner

    Stoner Guest

    The first question is extremely tough because I am a BJJ fighter myself and am very partial and bias towards that style. However, I would have to suck it up and say no one on the planet is on par with Emelianenko. He's basically undefeated. He does have 1 loss but that was from an illegal elbow to his forehead and it wouldn't stop bleeding so the doctor stopped it. Normally the illegal blow would result in a disqualification but this was a tournament so you have to have a winner and loser.

    As for your second question, no, I don't think Couture could come close to Fedor. He's just too much. Relentless fighting style.

    The closest I have ever seen Fedor coming to losing was against Fujita. Fujita rocked him with a vicious punch that wobbled him severely. That was the closest anyone has come to beating him.
  7. ChinUp

    ChinUp ¤ Breathe

    I know the fight ..

    [​IMG] .. Fedor vs Fujita .. Fedor looked like he was dancing the conga for a minute there .. ooof


    & Fedor's loss against Tsuyoshi Kohsaka was a total joke agreed .. 17 seconds in pfft

    [​IMG] Fedor vs Kohsaka .. on their second fight [​IMG] Fedor made it clear as day who was the better fighter ..


    .. I remember seeing Randleman drop Fedor on his head from a height, with his full weight on top .. & fedor was immediately on him for the submission ..

    [​IMG] < Fedor vs Randleman

    This is what makes Fedor so formidable Imo, he can keep his wits even after taking hits that would leave other fighters a blubbering mess unable to see straight ..


    how about Napao Gonzaga vs Mirko Cro-cop < o_O what a result for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu followers ..

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