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MLB's Most overpayed and Underpayed players

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Chan Ho Park, right-handed pitcher, Padres, $15.3 million: Retire the trophy; the five-year, $65 million free-agent contract that the Rangers awarded Park after the 2001 season is the worst in major-league history. Park, 32, won a grand total of 26 games in the first four years of the deal. The Rangers traded him to the Padres last season for designated hitter Phil Nevin, another candidate for this list.

Chan Ho Park currently pitches for the San Diego Padres. But the Texas Rangers overpaid him with one of the worst contracts ever. (Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images)

Eric Milton, left-handed pitcher, Reds, $9.8 million: The Reds signed Milton, 30, to a three-year, $25.5 million free-agent contract the year after he allowed 43 homers for the Phillies. Surprise! Milton, moving from one hitter's park to another, allowed another 40 homers last season while posting a 6.47 ERA, highest in the NL After two good starts and one poor one this season, he underwent his third surgery on his left knee since 2002, and is expected to miss 2 to 3 weeks.

Jason Kendall, catcher, A's, $11.57 million: Kendall, who turns 32 in June, posted the lowest on-base/slugging percentage (OPS) of any American League player last season and threw out the lowest percentage of base stealers in the AL as well.

Kaz Matsui, second baseman, Mets, $8.058 million: The first high-priced Japanese position player to fail in the majors, Matsui merits inclusion on this list even though he currently is on the disabled list with a strained medial collateral ligament in his right knee. Injuries also slowed him last season, but it's his inability to adjust to the North American game that has made him a bust.

Sean Casey, first baseman, Pirates, $8.5 million: As much as everyone loves "The Mayor," he simply doesn't produce the way a first baseman should. Casey batted .312 for the Reds last season, but also grounded into a major-league leading 27 double plays and hit only nine homers in 529 at-bats despite playing in power-crazed Great America Ballpark.

Most underpaid
David Ortiz, designated hitter, Red Sox, $6.5 million. The Red Sox not only were shrewd to sign Ortiz, 30, when the Twins released him after the 2002 season, but they also were wise to lock him up with a two-year, $12.5 million deal before he would have become a free agent in '04. Ortiz's new four-year, $52 million contract extension, which starts next season, will better reflect his market value.

Chris Carpenter, right-handed pitcher, Cardinals, $5 million: Similar case to Ortiz. The Cardinals gambled on Carpenter, 31, after the '02 season when he was coming off shoulder surgery, then signed him to a modest two-year, $13 million extension last April. Not a bad price for a pitcher who went on to win the Cy Young award  and could win another this season.

Trevor Hoffman, right-handed closer, Padres, $4.5 million: Love that San Diego discount. Hoffman, 38, is earning less than half of what his Blue Jays' counterpart, lefty B.J. Ryan, will average in his new contract. Sure, Hoffman is eight years older than Ryan, but he began the season with 436 career saves to Ryan's 42  and he's still going strong.

Melvin Mora, third baseman, Orioles, $4 million: Currently at odds with the Orioles over a new long-term deal, Mora, 34, has averaged 27 homers and 96 RBIs the past two seasons. He would have been a free agent last winter if not for the three-year contract he signed prior to the '04 season, covering his first free-agent year.

Tony Clark, first baseman, Diamondbacks, $1.034 million: OK, he lost his starting job, but that's only because the Diamondbacks are committed to the emerging Conor Jackson. Clark, who turns 34 in June, hit 30 home runs in 349 at-bats last season, then re-signed for two years at a bargain price.

Ken Rosenthal is the senior baseball writer for FOXSports.com.



what about $472,000 going to a player who has:

AVG .323
OBP .385
198 Hits
33 HR
116 RBI

and played in 158 or 162 games....

That is right..

Pronounced: kah-bray-RAH

Miguel Cabrera


Registered Member
Here's what I think.

Overpayed=Alex Rodriguez (He's a good hitter but bad defensive player imo).
Underpayed=Miguel Cabrera(This guys puts up 30+ home runs and 110 RBI's).


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Also I believe that Cabrera just signed a one year contract this off season and it wasnt more then 1 million dollars I might be wrong though. But I don't think that A Rod is over payed, I believe he deserves the money he makes because every year, he's close to 50 home runs and 110 rbi's and 300 average.


Florida Marlins 2006 Salaries
1. Dontrelle Willis 4,350,000
2. Brian Moehler 1,500,000
3. Wes Helms 800,000
4. Miguel Olivo 700,000
5. Matt Herges 600,000
6. Miguel Cabrera 472,000
7. Todd Wellemeyer 347,500
8. Alfredo Amezaga 340,000
9. Joe Borchard 331,000
10. Sergio Mitre 330,000
11. Joe Borowski 327,000
12. Matt Treanor 327,000
13. Chris Aguila 327,000
14. Josh Willingham 327,000
15. Hanley Ramirez 327,000
16. Jeremy Hermida 327,000
17. Randy Messenger 327,000
18. Jason Vargas 327,000
19. Mike Jacobs 327,000
20. Josh Johnson 327,000
21. Dan Uggla 327,000
22. Eric Reed 327,000
23. Ricky Nolasco 327,000
24. Carlos Martinez 327,000
Total Team Salary: 14,344,500


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Wpw there's only two people on that list that makes over 1 million dollars, but I really thought that Miguel Cabrera signed a 1 year contract this offseason worth 1 million dollars, because I remember saying to myself how the heck can he only make 1 million, but by your list it looks like I was wrong.
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