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MLB MLB to expand instant replay in 2014

Captain Moroni

New Member
Personally I hate it.
When we continue to eliminate the umpire as part of the game we inch closer to video/robotic games.

If Umpires are being replaced why not just put an IRON MIKE on the mound so that a strike is thrown every time.?

Do not like this.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's too many challenges. Guys will be using them just because.

At one point the LLWS had a system where you could challenge as much as you wanted until you lost one, then you were done for the game. I'd like that for MLB. I hate the fact that they have it for kids, but that's a different story.


The return shall be legenday!
I'm old school and I think its time and am glad its changing because everyone else knows what happened on a play so why should the umpires be the only ones who don't. But they got to make sure it doesn't slow down the game.

Also Id settle for total review when Angel Hernandez is calling the game. Every pitch, every safe out. The guy is a clown..


Registered Member
It's hard to look at today's game and say "No". I do not care about the human aspect. In game one of the Blue Jays and Rays series, Gose clearly missed the ball but the home plate ump called a foul tip. I am a Jays fan... but I was happy that the Rays won it in the ninth because that horrible call allowed the Jays to tie it up. No team ever should win the World Series on a blown, horrible, call. The tools are there, the equipment is there... use it. Clearly today's umpires are unable to cleanly call a game.

There is a pitcher who should be sitting with a perfect game under his hat... It was robbed from him by a blind umpire and a horrible league living in the stone age. How can you say the Umpire made a bad call, give the pitcher a car but not award him with the perfect game? Simple... You lack the brain power to allow video replay.

I guess baseball has more black eyes to worry about than their horrible umpire crews. "Slap your vein A-Rod! Here comes the needle!"


New Member
The idea is good in theory (get all calls right where possible) but in practice it's going to be a horror show...teams will have a guy upstairs just to check replays (relay to bench coach via bluetooth or something) and you'll see stalling while it's determined whether or not the manager has a case for challenging the call - batter gets "dirt in the eye", catcher has an "equipment problem", etc...games will be longer but % of correct calls will increase...be prepared for 3 1/2 hour average games...