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MLB to donate to Tornado Relief


Living in Ikoria
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From MLB's Twitter:

MLB and the MLB Players Association will contribute $200,000 toward relief efforts for tornado victims in the Midwest and the Southeast.
A generous gesture, and another sign of the classier side of baseball IMO.

I'm hoping that this spurs other athletic organizations (such as the NFL and NHL) to give in a similar fashion.


I put this in the baseball section, but I thought I'd add a tail-end couple of questions regarding giving in sports:

--What are the types of generosity/giving in professional athletics that you feel are the most inspiring?

--Do you think that any one type of sport in North America (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, etc.) stands out as more generous and giving than others, or do you think it's equal all around?


Haters gonna hate.
This is great news to hear, that a sport league is giving to the community for the sake of helping people in need.

Frankly, I don't see it enough in the world of sports today.


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NASCAR Should too I think..many of those drivers even not the top tier make much more even than some top-paid athletes from other sports..Stand up thing to do.


Better Call Saul
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Its awesome to hear about stuff like this and I hope all organizations follow baseball's lead and donate to the cause. Every little bit counts...

Although $200,000 goes a LONG way. Kudos to MLB.