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MLB Rule Changes


Sultan of Swat
Staff member


What are your thoughts?

I, personally, don't like how they try to shorten the game. I'm not a fan of the new batters box rule. Yes, some players take a real long time to get ready, but it's what makes them comfortable.

I do like that the managers do not need to come out to challenge a call on the field. That was pure stupidity last season. To many managers took advantage of it.


Registered Member
I'm all for rules to speed up the game but baseball isn't meant to be a super fast sport, some of this stuff is like ingrained in the minds of many players, it'll be interesting to see how these play out.


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If all you want to speed up games, call a bigger strike zone, have a pitch clock, and go to softball rules of 3 balls you walk and 2 strikes you are out and the second foul ball after 1 strikes counts as an out. You would have games ending in an hour. I used to watch old guys in my neighborhood play softball circa 1980. They allotted 2 to 2 1/2 hours for a game. 4 balls, 3 strikes, foul as much as you want. Today they schedule softball games about 70 minutes apart.

The fixes are easy, but the records would become meaningless (you would have batters with 300 walks and 300 K's and pitchers with 500 K's). if all you are trying to do is cut off 30 minutes, is it really worth it to mess with the rules? If you think so, fine players and teams for excessively slow play. It works with flopping in the NBA. Guys still flop, but not 8-10 times a game. The pain of paying $5-10K for stepping out of the batter's box every pitch would quickly result in guys being ready for play.