MLB 2k10 Challenge; Reward = $1 Million


Son of Liberty
This challenge is the largest cash purse ever offered to gamers. I saw this and my jaw hit the floor. TO be honest... I've always hated the developer 2k, but after hearing about this challenge; Even I'm thinking about picking this one up?!?!?!

2K Sports is offering a $1 million prize to the first player to throw a perfect game in MLB 2K10, laying down the bounty as a statement of confidence in the authenticity of their game's revamped pitching controls.

The million-dollar prize is believed to be the largest ever offered for this type of contest - a skill-based challenge, rather than a random drawing. 2K Sports isn't putting up the money believing its game is so tough that no one can meet the challenge. It fully expects someone to pitch a perfect game - retiring all 27 batters without a single one reaching base by any means - and cash in during the contest period from March 2 (the game's date of release) and May 2.

The First Perfect Game on MLB 2K10 Wins $1 Million - Mlb 2k10 - Kotaku