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    That's right I am asking you one of the toughest question to answer in basketball. Who do you think is better Micheal Jordan or Majic Johnson? Unfortunatly Majic Johnson's career was cut short due to being HIV positive but he still had one hell of a career. I personnaly think it's a real close race, looking back and seeing what Majic did over is career is real close of what Jordan did in is. But I think Jordan takes the lead just due the fact he dominated the game with ease and when they faced each other Jordan always came on top. But one category that Majic beats Jordan is that he had over 30 triple doubles in the playoffs that's simply amazing. Will that record be beaten, you never know Lebron James is very similar to Majic.

  2. T-Bag

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    How did you manage to mis-spell Magic 5 times? ;)

    I don't find it a though question at all,MJ is clearly the better player.Magic had a lot better players to play with than Michael,I don't know but Kareem took some pressure off Magic for sure so he had more room to operate while Michael was always the #1 option on offense and he didn't have other big scorers than Scottie.
    Michael on offense and on defense.
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    You can't say that Magic couldn't do it by himself cause look how he won that championship playing the center position when Kareem went down. He was an incredible talent but I agree that Jordan was way better but if Magic played a full career both of their careers would of been close. I still think that Jordan is way ahead though, but Magic was one hell of talent he talent he could pass, score and defend at a very high level, but like you said Jordan did it at a higher level then Magic and I agree with that statement.

    There you go I finally wrote Magic right lol.
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    I think Michael is a better player. magic was good but did not have the athleticism Jordan had. i don't think he had the knowledge of the game like Jordan, and i don't think he was as good of leader as Jordan. magic was great and could pull of some of the most amazing passes, especially or a big guy. all in all Jordan wins every category. i think magic would also say Jordan.
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    Magic could get it done by himself but he didn't have much opportunities to prove it.Even when Kareem was down he had a good supporting cast of Worthy,Scott,Goodrich and so on.
    Magic wasn't nearly as athletic as Jordan and it's amazing what he did....makes it even more amazing that Larry Bird wasn't as athletic and fast as Magic but got it done.I belive Larry Bird had the best basketball IQ,he knew where to be on the court to compensate his flaws.
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    Michael Jordan. It's not even close for me, Magic was a great player, one of the best, but MJ is the GOAT.
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    It seems that everyone is picking Michael Jordan which is not a problem but like I keep saying Magic did so much, but like you said T-bag he had a dominating center to play with, so it really opened the game for him. Jordan had Luc Longly for is center wooopie.
  8. Jordan, Jordan would dominate Magic.
  9. Babe_Ruth

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    Michael Jordan was an amazing talent and I do agree that he's way better then Magic was but you can't say that Jordan would dominate Magic, it's just a ridiculous comment. If you can back it up then i'll take it back but I doubt you can.
  10. Jordan seemed to be like in tune with basketball when he played, like it was his life. He was a very graceful player as well, if you pit him and Scottie Pippen against Magic and someone else then that would be MJ and SP dominating. I loved seeing them play together on the Bulls, they could read each other easily, which is probably something else that makes Jordan better, he played well with his team the majority of the time.

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