Mitchell Continues To Stand In With The Heat Mounting

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Toronto Sun -
    An unidentified member of the Raptors called for the dismissal of Sam Mitchell in print on Wednesday, but the Raptors' head coach continues to dig in and face the criticsm head one.

    "I think I know all those guys in the locker room very well ... and I haven't sensed any of that," Mitchell said, of the reported uprising in the ranks. "It does me no Earthly good to sit there and read (something like that). All it can do is sidetrack me from what I have to do."

  2. Illosophee

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    Hah.. I read this thread's title wrong. I thought it meant "With the (Miami) Heat Mounting". I was wondering what the Miami Heat have to do with Mitchell. Confusion is a bitch...
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    Wow, I actually thought the title had said Mitchell Continues To Stand In With The (Miami) Heat Mourning, it didn't make sense but it made me want to check it out. But to comment on the actual post, Toronto has a roster of pretty good players who could take them past the first round of the playoffs but I don't know much about their coach but looking at their standings, they might be better off with a more experienced coach....
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    They slowly improved since that story came out, but I think that Mtchell will still get fired. Because they haven't improved on the weaknesses that make them lose games they should be winning. I think that sam is more of a players coach but not much a of a teacher for these young players. Which the organization needs right now. But you did hit the nail right on the head on that last comment. They do need a more experienced coach if they want to go anywhere with this team. I don't picture him as the Raptors coach at the end of the season. Will see what happens.

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