MITB: Better for starting a push, or taking a push to the next level?

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by StroShow, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. StroShow

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    Contains Wrestlemania spoilers:

    So, every Wrestling fan in the world now knows that Jack Swagger won Money in the Bank last night, to the shock of many. Most of us expected Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, or Christian, three men in the middle of or just coming off of major pushes, to pull down the briefcase and win. Instead, we got Swagger, a man who lost to Santino in some kind of contest that I can't remember prior to the Rumble, as Mr. Money in the Bank seemingly out of nowhere.

    My question to you goes like this: What works better for you? Giving a guy MitB to start a push, like what seems to be happening now with Swagger, or using the briefcase to take someone in the middle of a push to the next level, like what would have happened with the 3 guys I mentioned earlier?
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  2. Unity

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    I think either is fine with me. I've had similar discussions about the Royal Rumble...should it be newer guys rising to the top or established guys getting pushes?

    I think it just depends on the person, the wrestling climate, and how it fits.
  3. generalblue

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    The MITB match really does depend on the climate during that specific time period. The reason why I believe that Swagger won at WM is because there are alot of speculation now that Triple H will be taking some time off and it does not seem that he will be turning heel anytime soon. Swagger is a good worker and deserves a push, and I believe he will be the first person to unsucessfully cash in the MITB. The WWE right now has a low stash of uppercard heels and I believe watching Swagger in his push will be fun and entertaining.

    Now the Royal Rumble should be for wrestlers that are established, like Orton, Edge, and Jericho. If Swagger won the Royal Rumble that would of sucked, (wouldn't suck for me because I know Swagger can have a good match with pretty much everyone), but it would suck for the common fan, this as a good formula and WWE should stick with it.
  4. Unity

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    From where is the aforementioned speculation about HHH coming?
  5. generalblue

    generalblue Where is my Queen?

    I heard this from my brother and a good friend that has been watching and analyzing wrestling for awhile. They said that they saw it on but I did not see anything about Triple H leaving. This is just speculation and I have no facts backing it up. But I have been hearing alot more buzz about him leaving for a bit due to Stephanie being pregnant again.
  6. Unity

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    I didn't know she was, I guess that alone could be a decent reason.

    Hey, I'll always be a big fan of Trips, but a few months away isn't a bad thing, allowing others to shine.
  7. StroShow

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    Im surprised Swagger wone but lets look at the the young stars, hes the only one who looks like a major powerhouse in the near future. He has a Cena kind of body, all the new major young stars ( mIz, Morrison, Kofi, Legacy,) have a crappy skinny ass body. the MITB should be the start if a push because RR is taking the push to the next level. I believe they will use swagger properly becuase he is a good wrestler and his finsher is nice. He just needs to lose that friggin lisp lol. We cant consider wat swagger did before Mania beucase the new year reallly starts after mania for Swagger.
  8. Millz

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    I think it can work both ways. A way to push someone to the moon who needs that to be a main eventer or to push him initially. Swagger needed something to get him going...this was an easy way to do it.

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