Missouri @ Texas

Who wins?

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Well it's the biggest game this week. If MU loses their chances for a national championship are over. If Texas wins, well they'll remain #1 and be looking very good coming off a win vs Oklahoma.

So who you got? Missouri or Texas?

Missouri: 35 - Texas: 28

If you're wondering I am biased towards MU. But I feel like Missouri is going to be pissed about last weeks upset and come up big this week. Or at least I'm hoping.

Go Tigers!
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4 legs good 2 legs bad
I'm curious to see how Missouri bounces back from their loss to Okie State and how Texas performs after their win over Oklahoma. Oftentimes teams don't play with the same intensity the week after a big win, especially when they have a #1 ranking next to their name. They get complacent and overconfident. I can see that playing into the hands of Missouri. Then again, I just don't think the Tigers have the defense to slow down the Longhorns.

I'm gonna take Texas, 38-24.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Missouri's defense finally caught up with them these past two weeks. Their offense has been struggling too. Only 3 points in the first half against Texas.