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Missile fired off Cali coast


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Yeah, Al-Qaeda launched a "big missile" off the coast of LA, and shot it away from America. That, after failing to blow up a cargo plane. I wonder how that conversation went:

Mohammad: Well, looks like that bomb we sent out didn't work.
Mohammad 2: Curse the infidels!
Mohammad: Yes, curse them!
Mohammad 2: So... the missile then?
Mohammad: The big one?
Mohammad 2: Yeah, the one we happen to have off the coast of LA.
Mohammad: I guess, but let's not fire it at the Americans.
Mohammad 2: What?! This is jihad!
Mohammad: No no, we'll hit them with a missile eventually...
Mohammad 2: A big one.
Mohammad: Yes yes, a big one, but first we need a dry run.
Mohammad 2: What?! Why?
Mohammad: To make sure the missile works?
Mohammad 2: Are you a CIA spy?
Mohammad: No...
Mohammad 2: Okay then. We'll fire the big missile away from America, and then later, we'll shoot another at the infidels!
Mohammad: Praise Allah!

Totally plausible.
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not a plastic bag
Its one of those things where you've got to go with the most plausible. Would China or a rogue nation ever fire off a missile unexpectedly in order to show America what they can do? Absolutely. Could they ever get a submarine within 200 miles of a US Navy base undetected? Not in a million years. Its got to be an optical illusion caused by a commercial airline. There's just nothing else that makes sense.


Ms. Malone
Surely the Pentagon would know if a missile was going to be fired, or had been fired; don't they have warning systems for that kind of stuff? :lol: