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I found out about this game a month ago. Just now I watched the official trailer, made from in-game footage.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

How the hell did this get past my radar? There are very few games I look at and think "I must get that!", and Mirror's Edge is one of them.

The apparent goal of the game is to "convey the strain and physical contact with the environment," and unfortunately, I don't know what that quite means. I do know, however, that the game is inspired by Parkour, the art of moving from one place to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, and it shows as the main focus of the game has you climbing buildings, jumping over fences, wall-running, and other stuff.

I also must stress that, while this is a first-person game, it is by no means a shooter. While the character, Faith, can grab weapons off enemies and fire at them, it effects how she moves and runs, forcing you to get rid of them when they're not needed. In a sence, it turns weaponry into temporary power-ups.

You can watch the trailer on the following link.

Gametrailers.com - Mirror's Edge - SCEE PlayStation Day Trailer
lol. Damn, that's nice. Talk about soothing pastime when you're recovering from a botched two meter drop, or a whacked finger..


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I was expecting a few more posts...I do hope everyone who viewed this page took the game in quiet consideration. Unfortunately, I can see this game going the way of Psychonauts - good game, yet largely ignored.

*EDIT* For anyone that's interested, Gametrailers have come out with a Trailer Analysis. They go over the trailer and point out the details you've probably already noticed, and those little details you might have missed.

Gametrailers.com - Mirror's Edge - Trailer Analysis
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Maybe it's just not enough escapism for some people :p

Btw - Psychonauts - that was the result of bad management, imo, not exactly that it never was popular. Bad management, and that it turned up on a bunch of CDs, instead of a dvd - just when other publishers pushed new flashy dvd (and cd) releases.. which was apparently because someone at Majesco decided Americans didn't want to buy games on dvd. And, it was too whacked out for LucasArts, which of course would take a whole lot...*cough*. And it was delayed, and everyone wanted to see Quake 4, and so on. So it got a bad wrap, in spite of all the good criticism (and sustained sales afterwards).. I mean - I don't see this turning into a "path of Neo" fiasco..


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the will be crazy i saw the trailer and man and it was good but,way is it first moving like third person game