Minors: Able to make decisions?

I walked into the room the other day, and my brother was watching To Catch A Predator... a show about adults who try to have sex with minors, and catching them.

It occurred to me... it's come up several times on FC that people believed teens should be able to make their own decisions about sex. Yet it has also come up on multiple occasions that adults who have sex with minors are extremely in the wrong.

Do we seriously think today's kids are so lame and dumb that we cannot trust them with decisions like this?
Having sex with a minor is a crime due to the fact that in theory, teens are not old enough to be able to make proper decisions about sex... an adult could therefore take advantage of a minor's inability to do so, which is wrong.

However, if as has been said here, minors are able to be trusted with decisions about sex, why is it wrong?

What do you think... are minors able to make decisions or are they not to be trusted?
I believe that they can fend for themself but I also feel that if a forty year old is trying to get a 13 year old they both have problems in the fact that the kid most likely thinks of that person as a father figure or something of that sort. I believe that people should not go out of the 3 to 4 year range of having sex with someone. I do feel that most kids over 14 can make there own minds up and fend for themself unless rape then it is wrong.


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Some teens are smart enough to make their own decisions, a lot aren't.

However, adults are in (usually) more control and thus are in the wrong for taking advantage of someone who most likely hasn't thought things out.


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hold onto your hats, people, I agree with Merc. Adults have a much better grasp on the implications of sex.


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Notion seconded. Since adults have a much bigger grasp on the concept of sex than a young teenager, they can manipulate the teen or the situation in order to get them to have sex.

However not all teens are that ignorant, but most are and should be treated as such.


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As a teen, I think we can make our own decisions.

However, I see a 43 yr old sleeping with a 13 as probably rape, maybe not physically forced, but it's definately not completely consentual.


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Children are too easily manipulated. Not that adults aren't manipulated, but its really easy to do it to a child. It's easy to do it to a teenager. Teenagers are probably among the most easily led. For one thing, they are convinced they know everything. The saying "Quick ask a teenager while they still know everything" didn't arise out of a vacuum. Pat that ego on the head a few times, and a teen will agree that the sky is purple. That's why adults who prey on children are so specially evil. Predators don't have a sign on their heads. They gain trust, they are friends, they are sympathetic. They are nice. Can a teen be expected to judge someone really nice to them, really understanding as a predator who would do them harm. Nope. That teen is mature and really hard to come by.

That's why teens can't legally enter into contracts. A sales contract is voidable. Because that maturity of judgment, mostly based on experience, is just not there.


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Yeah, in the teenage state of growth most teenagers are open to trust a lot of people and ignore the warnings they get from parental and authorative figures in society. Once they hit young adulthood they go through that phase of rebellion, any way to rebell against their superiors, even to gain advantage within their own age group through popularity by means of sex, drugs, or anything illegal. Now then, this is for most teenagers who think that, not every single one.



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One of the reasons teens today are less likely to make decent decisions is because they have been overprotected all their lives. They are suffused wth a false and unearned sense of self-esteem until they border on the egocentric. Or cross the border. Everything they do, are and feel is wonderful. Failure isn't an option. Not that they must succeed, that's not it. Failure has been taken off the table completely. There are no consequences to anything they do. There are no consequences to failing, to making a bad decision. It is all taken away, rewarded, smoothed over, celebrated.

The statement that individuals should be allowed to suffer the consequences of their own actions means what to you? Do you immediately say that people should not be made to suffer? Do we exist as a people to remove suffering from society including the suffering that people bring on themselves? Or, is it that very suffering that shapes a mature and wise mind? Is seeing someone make a horrible decision and suffer with the consequences good for the people around them in helping them make wise decisions?

Not only are most teens incapable of making good decisions, but that will undoubtably be passed on to suceeding generations. Perhaps reasoned analytical thinking will someday simply be bred out of mankind.


Freedom is a dangerous concept, as any peoples with "real" freedoms such as we have in this nation still have moral choices to make. Being free does not in itself promote moral character, as the very action of being free allows the freedom not only to make the right decision....but the wrong decision as well. This is where "rules of law" come into play.....as we are indeed free, the actions of our freedoms should not be allowed to enfringe upon the freedoms of others and if they do, a deterent should be in place to halt such. And this is the "rube", just who, sense we are free, should be allowed to make these suggestions of law? Thus our founding fathers set into motion a simple "living"document that was to used as a basis for all such laws......it is our constitution. There were, placed into written script "certain" absolute rights guaranteed to the people. The most obvious and the one in bold print that jumps of the pages at anyone is the most basic..... the right to "LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSIT OF HAPPINESS".

The first two concepts are self defining....but being in a state of happeniness is "subjective" to interpration, to say the least. Thus that is why the document must be presented to the peoples as a living breathing document....and this was accomplished after much "debate".....years in fact after we had actullay "declared" ourselves to be free. By simply allowing the people to make amendments to change the document to allow for the changing attiudes of the peoples as this country grew from its "infant" stage to our more "mature" state.......we had our growing pains just as does any person. when we were a child we were only interestred in survial....thus a strong military was made mandatory....as we grew, just like teens we become engrossed with the concept of monies and power and pleasure.....thus like young adults.....we made our "own" decisions. Decisions when looked at years later....we step and say...just what in the hell were we thinking.....many of the unwise decisions were....slavery....manifest destiny, a plan the native americans were just crazy about.

I make these comparisons only to show that just because a teen does have cognation to logical decison making.....it does not mean that they are mature enough to realize the results of these actions.....that's where we....."The Family Unit" and our dictatorial type of "local" government comes into play. These young adults should not be left up to the "village" to show them just what is and what is not moral.....as I am sure that "Hollywood" and "Home" have entirely different concepts of moral convictions. BD