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PC Games Minecraft! (SUPER fun game)


Haters gonna hate.
1.3 is now OUT. In fact, 1.3.1 is now OUT.

A lot of changes, as mentioned in the previous video. I won't be playing it until tomorrow, so I'll give my impressions then.


Creeping On You
I'll be playing shortly, and so I'll give my impressions. I'm going to try and get ahold of pretz and see if he can get online to pay for the server lol.


Haters gonna hate.
Ok, I put about an hour of 1.3 in just now (got up early lol), and I simply love it.

All the new things are seriously notable, and I LOVE the large biome world choice. Finally no more plains next to a desert next to a snow biome right next to each other. Now the biomes have a little more realism to them in size.

The Emerald ore is an interesting addition, as is the trading. It's unique and actually gives what I would call "fair deals".

Finally boats don't break on lilypads! That's a good thing for a boat guy like myself.

There are a lot more changes, but this was really a great update all around the board. Good job Mojang!