Mind your own business...


Hell, It's about time!
I really hate it when people want to give me their unsolicited opinion...

I was out front weed whacking the other day open carrying as usual. Mind you this is private property (Since I rent)... Our townhouse is in town along a semi-busy side road and a decently busy sidewalk. We have a small patch of grass and a flower bed that I maintain per the lease. Well I'm there working minding my own business when a lady came up on the side walk. I nodded and she had this look of horror on her face when I turned and she saw my 1911. I had just gotten home from work after a long stressful day. I just wanted to get my yard work done and unwind. I was not in the mood to play 20 questions with some misinformed nosy bitch.

Her: *A little bit of attitude* "Do you really need that"?
Me: *Annoyed* "Need what"?
Her: "Your gun"?
Me: "Sure, there are bad people in the world"
Her: "Out in the open though"?
Me: "Mam, I'm sorry to be short but I'd like to be left alone please. I can carry a gun in the open in the state of PA, and even if I couldn't I'm on private property so I can"
Her: "Well I don't think it's a good idea with kids riding around and such... blah blah blah"

I had turned the weed whacker back on at this point drowning her out as she walks away visibly flustered as she flips up her cell phone, dials something then looks back at me. I'm thinking "great, this is what I need" :rolleyes:

I forget about the whole incident as 15 or so minutes pass I'm cleaning up my mess and a police cruiser pulls around the corner and up behind my car on the street. He rolls the window down and I'm still clearly open carry. He looks directly at my 1911, kind of does a eye roll, looks at me then says:

Him: "We got a call about a man 'brandishing' a gun, have you seen anyone brandishing a gun"? Said in a semi-sarcastic, I can't believe I'm getting bugged for this kind of crap tone.
Me "No sir, can't say I have"
Him: "Ok, well we got a call and we just needed to check"
Me: "Sounds good, am I free to go"?
Him: "Sure thing, have a good night"
Me: "You too sir"

And that was it. He drove off. He didn't even get out of the car... probably because I wasn't breaking the law... that lady that called is the type of control freak, nanny government, I know whats better for you type of person that piss me off, and what is wrong with this country...

I just wanted to be left alone. How do you feel about people who butt into your business? How do you react?


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I hate it when people don't mind their own business. I can't think of any specific examples of mine off the top of my head, but there are definitely some.


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I usually get pretty pissed off if strangers butt into my business, especially when they catch me in a bad mood.

It happened to me the other day. My two youngest cousins stayed with us over the weekend, and to take them off mums hands for an hour, I took them down to McDonalds to play in the play park thing and get them lunch. Anyway, I was getting all these looks from the 'perfect' mothers there because I was so young, and they obviously thought my cousins were my kids. Hell, I would have been around 12 when i'd had them if they were mine :rolleyes:

Anyway, my youngest cousin came out of the play park thing crying cause he'd stubbed his toe and I couldn't get him to stop crying for a few minutes and this lady says to me "What a useless mother you are, you can't even stop your son crying. This is why people your age shouldn't have kids." Good job I was in a good mood, so I just told her to mind her own business and packed up and left.

If I had been in a bad mood I would have given her a piece of my mind but it still pissed me off for the rest of the day, especially the fact that she jumped to the conclusion they were my kids. If she had half a brain cell she would have been able to figure out there was no way i'm old enough for them to be mine.


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Giving someone an unsolicited opinion is one thing. Being rude for absolutely no reason is quite another.

I generally have no problem with people who just interject one comment, as long as it's not rude, and as long as it's not something that they really should stay out of. It actually annoys me more when people just snap at someone saying it's none of their business, when they weren't doing anything wrong.


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Well, I don't mind constructive suggestions, but I do expect people to back off once I have said I am not interested or don't appreciate it.
If its legal, its legal. The lady may have had genuine concern for passing kids and so forth, but she should have understood your position and respected it - some people love to make their opinions known.
My in laws are the same, they do everything the right way and the way it should be, there is no proper way to do things other than theirs and their traditions are the only ones that mean a thing. :rolleyes:


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See, this is the sort of attitude that I think drives gun owners and supporters from other people. We have this social image of a gun owner as being isolated or somewhat antisocial and as wrong as that assumption is, stories like this should explain that sentiment! If I was a gun owner and people constantly gave me crap for carrying a gun, I'd want to stay away from people, too.

This hair-brained "everyone-with-a-gun-wants-to-kill-you" mentality really needs to go and the overfed, overpaid morons who push this agenda of all gun owners being sociopaths should be flushed out from out government. Yes, their are gun control problems but our country sees them narrowly and handles the problem poorly.

Bottom line: want to see gun crime dwindle? Ditch the war on drugs and start fighting a war on illegally imported firearms, they're the ones causing the trouble.


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Ahh you guys have great stories...pro2a, thought that was kinda uplifting, sorta wish the story would have ended up with the lady seeing the cops reaction because you know she would not have been happy and if i was a bystander i would have found it pretty entertaining
...and that is a very cool gun, if i ever were to get a gun i would want one like that

Impact your story was not as cheery, and if i were you i would have made sure that the lady knew exactly what time it was, i am amazed that you could just brush it off like that and walk away

I dont mind other people getting in my business because i like to see what they have to say and i kinda enjoy the little conflicts but i hardly ever forfeit my side and act on what they suggest


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I've had plenty of people walk up to me when I'm smoking, and tell me it's going to kill me. What they're hoping to accomplish with that business is beyond me.
I don't mind it when strangers stick their nose in, I think it's quite amusing, unless it gets you in trouble. I do hate it though when people I know ask me things like "who are you texting? what do they want?" etc.. Or when my family asks me questions about my friends' relationships with their boyfriends, it's like, that's none of MY business let alone yours :lol: So it's the more personal/hard to answer ones that bother me.


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You know, pro, I am not a fan of guns and the reason why you would carry one when doing your garden is beyond me (a weird fetish, maybe? ;)), but I am absolutely on your side this time.

What you did is legal, and it's absolutely beyond me why this woman called the police. She should have known this is petty and is not going to accomplish anything, except making her look petty and silly. You should know when you cannot win a battle, and fighting against windmills probably is one of the most pathetic things people are capable of.

Even if I have some sympathy for her concern (a gun next to kids wouldn't make me feel good either), I think it's ridiculous and petty to approach you in such a manner as she apparently did -- if she has politely asked you to conceal your gun, please, because that makes her uncomfortable, it would have been a different matter. Maybe that annoys me most about this story: People who simply cannot politely ask for something, actually communicate with respect, but instead rely on bullying, involving police, threatening. It's the same when it comes to neighbors who complain about you being loud calling the police, instead of just politely asking you to be less loud.

For some reason, it seems to be always elder ladies who are that intrusive. Maybe it's because once they are retired and/or living alone, there often is no other means for them to battle their loneliness, but meddling into other peoples' affairs.