Mind your Language!


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Do any of you have your own language? I mean between your family or friends?

If anybody else heard, would they scratch their heads in bewilderment?

Here are just a few words that we use in our family.

Jelly Vater = Television. (don't ask)

Grommet = remote Control.

.....and if anything goes wrong, it's Canackerpants!

Maybe we are the only ones and we really should be seeking help. If that's the case, I'll get me coat.....:urp:


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Yes I have my own language with my friends/family. With my frients, they mostly start from inside jokes and then later it just became integrated into the vocabulary. With my family, they're often invented words because of the kids who cannot pronounce the real one. When other people hear us talk and understand each other while using weird terms, I bet they think we're speaking in a third language (neither French nor English).


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Like ysabel mentioned, alot of words and terms me and my friends use come from inside jokes. If an outsider joins in a conversation they often get lost very quickly.

Another example I can think of is that my grandfather calls the remote control the diddler. That one kind of stuck with my family.


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I can't say that my friends or family have any kind of different language or even inside jokes that wouldn't be easily identified as some sort of an inside joke.


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Haha, not really. Sometimes I can say a word and my friends will think of an inside joke.

I know at one point my coworkers and I switched the meanings of retarded and lethargic.
Not so much with my family and friends that I've known for years, but with someone I talk to very frequently online, absolutely :laugh: We call it 'kabe' and its evolved through inside jokes and hours of slaughtering the english language.


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Same as Ysabel. I dont have full on established other languages just memes that sorta stuck. For instance there was a horrible bud light commercial a long while back with Carlos Mencia where he's instructing these ESL people on how to handle a Bud Light Tail Gate situation. And the very last 2-3 seconds of the commercial he's talking to this guy who fights a very Third Worldy Profile... He says: Bud Light... the guy says: Booou Lie

From there joking about that commercial I've some how morphed "Good Job" into "Gooo Yaaawb" and I toss that out way to often. But just stupid things like that, either that myself or friends have come up with.


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Weirdly enough, I can't think of any specific examples, but me and my siblings sometimes came up with weird words for things. Most people in my family have a speech impediment of some sort so we'll say something like 'the hog dad fun' instead of 'the dog had fun'. And usually the conversation will just keep going for a couple sentences before anyone thinks 'hey, mait a winute!' SEE I DID IT AGAIN!! lawl. Most of our 'special' language stems from moments like those where the messed up phrase because the phrase we use =P
Between friends someone would have used a strange or weird catchy phrase, we'd all use from then on till it is worn out. An example would be 'masjien' or 'yster,' refers to a person who is reliable and a expert.