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Minature Helicopter Battle - cool!


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Hey guys,
I am working on a new thing. I have the opportunity to buy what I think may be a really popular toy. I can get a very good price on these helicopters, but I need to buy a lot of them. Like $2400 worth.

So, I threw together a really quick website that I am passing around to some friends to get their opinion. So, if you would, please look over this site and let me know what you think of the toy. Please don't critique the website as I put it together in about 20minutes and will refine it later.

I want to know if you think it looks fun, would you buy one, is the price ok? etc...

Here is the website: http://www.battlinghelicopters.com/
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that actually looks pretty cool, whats the range on them though, and I also have wood floors, are they sturdy enough to withstand tht type of inpact when 'shot down'?


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good points - thanks.

The supplier says they can withstand a fall onto hard floor without damage. That is the first thing I need to test.

Not sure about the range, will add that to the site when I find out.


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Please do, cause those look like quite fun, but you have to remember I have kids, they'd probably run them into walls, or the floor... or if outside, concrete.

I just need to know that information before I deciede to get them...

Now for adults, I could still see some accidents happening, not as bad as kids mind you, but get 2 drunken adults together, and they might start ramming them together...

that vid was awsome though. I just dont want something that will break after 3-4 uses


not a plastic bag
Thank you for the comments.

Let me stress something for anyone reading. All that I care about in posting this website is opinion from a variety of people. I am not trying to sell them on the board. Matter of fact, if anyone is interested, I would suggest getting a pair from either walmart.com or toysrus.com. They sell them for the same price I am and they have a real return policy, oh, and they actually have them in stock. lol.


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they might have them in stock, but I would just like to know how durable they are before buying them, cause they look really cool. Hell, if they are really durable, I might get the whole neighborhood buying them to have massive battles.

lately weve been haveing pit fires with at least 5 other familes while all our kids play, eat smoores and chit-chat... this would be something for the adults to do while the kids play fight and ride there bikes...

It all depends on the durability of the product. And if it were to support someone other than a big buisness, then I am all for it!


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Now those look cool. Where were those things when I was a little lad. Man I am starting to think that I got jipped has a lad. Oh, well, when we have a son, I will have to get some of those. I think they look cool, but like Samus said, need to know how they do on really hard flooring.


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That's pretty cool. They could be pretty fun outside too unless you got them lost in some trees.

Is it made by any big toy company or is it a fluke thing? It looks like it could be successful. Maybe get a few and see how fast you can flip them. By flip I mean resell. ;)


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The ones in Walmart and ToysRUs are made by AirHog. Of course they are all made in China, probably in the same plant. The best I can tell, the one's I am buying don't violate any patents. That of course would be a concern. I am dealing directly with the suppliers in China. It's kind of freaky, I'm not sure if they know I am just an average guy that can barely scrape up enough money for 1/2 an order. There are also 2 dealers in the US that will let me buy less and a greater costs. My business partner on this can fly free to LA, so we may end up buying them a supplier there.

To me the fun factor is about an 8 out of 10. The price factor is about a 7/10.


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That's a fun toy,
This is going to be on a lot of Christmas lists this year
I wonder how they got them to shoot each other...