Millz is right... [Vlad topic]

I was watching Vladimir Kozlov wrestle tonight against Stevie Richards and I enjoyed it! When he was having matches against Funaki, Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang I wasn't impressed and thought he would quickly fade away. Now that I've seen him put on a good match, he'll definitely make a good big man-type wrestler.

So, yeah, tonights match vs Stevie Ricards gave me new faith in Vladimir Kozlov. :D


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I haven't seen the Match,but are you sure the match wasn't too bad because Stevie carried it? Stevie is terribly underrated.


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First off, Millz is always right but I digress. :)

Anyways, Stevie is underrated and did a great job but Vlady is also underrated by most internet marks I think. That headbutt is fierce and for a big man he can move around at a faster rate and can apply both power moves and technical submissions.

After the match he demanded more competition. His first real feud is coming very soon.
Good! When he approached JR & Foley I wasn't sure what he was going to do. Can't wait to see who he faces next week.

Each week is getting better for him. ^_^