million year old item mystery box

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by The_Human_Pin, Apr 4, 2005.

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  2. Nanner

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    Hmmmm you've got my interest! A million years huh? Good luck with the booty kissing :lol: Which reality shows have you been on? I watch a few (my little secret vice :)) and haven't seen you.....yet :)
  3. Mirage

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    You should go on Fear Factor!

    I once saw an FF episode where the contestants has to endure as many arm piercings with different size needles as they could in a period of time. Piece of cake right?

    Heck, you could use your other arm and EAT a piece of cake during the process LOL!
  4. The_Human_Pin

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    ive been on "totally Obsessed" by VH1
    "World of Pain 2" by Bullseye TV in Europe
    "Kink" on canada's Showcase (begins in may)

    that fear factor episode pissed me off really the chick was crying at the 3rd needle and I had just finished 700 a few days earlier

    B "THP" M

    p.s. I am applying for Fear Factor as soon as I get the american docs i need
  5. Nanner

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    Hmmm never heard of the VH1 show....wonder why as I watch that channel enough?.....Obviously never heard of the last 2 since I'm stuck here in the good ol Midwest USA. Yeah on the Fear Factor thingy! Don't watch it real often but always am amazed at the guts (no FF pun intended :)) of the people who do their stunts! Would be VERY cool to "know" someone on there! Of course you will keep us updated?????
  6. The_Human_Pin

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    updates on all my ventures will be posted :)

    B "THP" M

    p.s. My next record if i can get it off the ground (no pun intended) will make fear factor look like a bunch of schoolgirls!

    grrr any help guys with a little traffic on this one would be cool cause i am gunna lose money as it stands grrrrr

    B "THP" M

    Well this Baby ends in about 8 hours so run through there take a look. ect
    cause I still think this is one hell of an auction !

    B "THP" M
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