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  1. Kazmarov

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    Do you find military spending (we can go with the US only here, or the world at large) to be excessive? Do you believe Eisenhower's warning has come to fruition-i.e that a large, permanent military-industrial complex is detrimental to the country and its ideals?

    YouTube - Eisenhower on the Military Industrial Complex

  2. Wade8813

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    That chart doesn't actually tell us how much the US (or the rest of the world) spends on military. There's no labels. It could be thousands, millions, or billions.
  3. ExpectantlyIronic

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    I don't even understand why we spend so much on our military. Why prepare for war with Russia or China, when we have nukes, and they have nukes? That kinda excludes the possibility of a proper war.
  4. Kazmarov

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    I could chide you for demanding I spoon-feed you information rather than doing a six-second Google search, but I'll kowtow to your demands- the FY 2009 US military budget is 515.9$ billion.
  5. Stab-o-Matic5000

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    I think that we don't need to spend that much on the military at all. And before anyone says war shouldn't be fair, and I know you will, I'm not asking for it to be fair. We could cut our military budget in half and still be outspending any other country on the planet many times over. Hell, according to the chart we nearly outspend the entire fucking world on our military. The only way you could argue to me that military funding should remain as much as it is, is if you think that America will have to fight the entire world at some point. I hope you can realize how ridiculous America fighting the entire world is, however.
  6. Wade8813

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    Yeah, I know it's easy to find, and in fact I already knew (approximately) how much it is. But many people don't know, and it's better to just provide the context in the first place.

    We're outspending each other country in the world, yet from what I've heard, our Army and Marines both are saying they're under strength, and are increasing signing incentives to encourage more people to join, and to encourage people to stay in.

    We have an all-volunteer military system. We pay them to go to school. We help pay for their medical, dental, etc. We pay for food and housing for them. We pay for their travel if it's military related. We give free counseling. We're constantly trying to develop new technology to help save their lives. We provide them with a retirement plan.

    And at least at the beginning of the war in Iraq, there were complaints that soldiers were underprotected, because we didn't have enough money.
  7. Stab-o-Matic5000

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    It's not a problem of not having enough money, it's a problem of spending our money in a moronic fashion. Quite a large portion of that budget is spent on things like new fleets of planes and ships. However, the wars we are involved in are being fought on the ground by foot soldiers and ground vehicles. Most of the time, the fighting is taking place inside buildings. We're not fighting economic superpowers with a massive army, we're fighting pockets of guerrilla fighters who use ambush and hit and run tactics. Planes are useful, since they can drop bombs and scout areas and such, but we don't need nearly as many as are being made. What we do need is for our soldiers to have body armor and state of the art weapons. I think that with a military budget that nearly equals the entire rest of the world we can afford that, with some logical thinking and some re-prioritizing of the budget.
  8. pro2A

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    I actually work in military logistics now and it makes since why our budget is so high and this stuff costs so much.

    99.98% of military parts on our military equipment was mined, cast, assembled and made in the United States. No outside nation has an influence on our equipment we use in our military. We spent 2 days learning this.

    We get parts in for military vehicles, naval vessels etc... that were solely made in the U.S. and the cost that comes with it. I received a fuel pump and hoses to go with it for a military vehicle somewhere that cost 5k total. A lot of work goes into making and maintaining military equipment. Thus the high cost of our military budget. We only use the best materials, and those best materials cost a lot.

    It probably explains why our military could crush any other nation on the earth.
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  9. Bananas

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    US: Most certainly over spending. Its stuck in cold war cycle. Throwing money at things does not win wars or offer absolute protection. Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan are prime examples where it does not matter how technologically advanced, if you are fighting a determined and resilient enemy their will only be two possible resolves; Japan experienced one and Vietnam experienced the other.
    The question should be does the spending have an impact on casualty rates, homeland stability and effective execution.

    Rest of world:
    Also over spending, I feel the majority of the world understands that fighting for hegemony offers little reward compared with unity and cooperation. We all know that any major conflict would and very realisticaly could, degenerate into our self-destruction.
  10. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    Politics had more of a roll in us loosing these wars. Not that our military was underfunded.

    Please don't tell me you still believe this crap :rolleyes: Get up to date on the war now, and stop living in 2003. Our military is adequately funded thanks to the Bush administration. Were there mistakes made in the beginning? Sure there were, but they were corrected and we have won the war in Iraq despite what your media and college professors tell you.

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