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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mrs_Mike_Patton, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Mrs_Mike_Patton

    Mrs_Mike_Patton Registered Member

    A thread for everything Mike Patton.

    So RTW, I can't tell you how jealous I am that you've seen Mike live! A whole lot of people that I know have seen him live, or just met him in the street somewhere! Dammit!!!!!! Although I'm not sure what I'd say to him if I did....

    I saw a clip of PT doing "We're Not Alone" on Henry Rollins, were they good when you saw them, coz that's quite easily one of the best live performances I've seen from Mike!
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  2. RTWmaniac

    RTWmaniac Registered Member

    I actually met him back in.... I think it was 2000, when I saw Bungle on the Sno Core Tour.

    PT was pretty good, but Patton's best performance that I've seen was with Tomahawk, when they opened for Tool.

    I live in probably the best location in the country for shows, so I'm lucky enough to have a chance to see every tour at least once (usually twice, sometimes even three times). But I'm sure he'll make it to Melbourne relatively soon.
  3. Mrs_Mike_Patton

    Mrs_Mike_Patton Registered Member

    PT was here probably 6 months ago, I was working away at the time, so missed out :(

    My sister just happened to be out one night, was going past a little corner hotel here in Melbourne, sign out the front said Mr Bungle, and she actually called me from that gig to let me listen to it over the phone. Being in Tas at the time, obviously those chances didn't come up for me, so I was kinda pissed at that.

    Still, I'm sure once he meets me, it'll be on! :p
  4. RTWmaniac

    RTWmaniac Registered Member

    Haha. Any other musicians you admire?
  5. Mrs_Mike_Patton

    Mrs_Mike_Patton Registered Member

    I'm a huge fan of The Beatles, Tool, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters...... so many. I basically like music that makes you feel something, anything from classical to death metal. How about you? Do you have a particular type of music genre, or are you open to anything?
  6. RTWmaniac

    RTWmaniac Registered Member

    I'm potentially open to any genre, but I'm usually a complete snob when it comes to music. I mostly listen to progressive rock (especially from the 70s), jazz fusion, and Scandinavian death metal. Favorite bands/artists are: Yes, Opeth, Tool, FNM, King Crimson, Children of Bodom, Chick Corea, Weather Report, Steely Dan, and so many more.
  7. Mrs_Mike_Patton

    Mrs_Mike_Patton Registered Member

    Sounds like you have a varied range, I think it's important to be open to new experiences,whether it be music, movies, food, people or whatever. There's a lot of things I'm sure I don't like, but I'll give just about anyting a go.

    So, do you travel much? Where's the most interesting place you've been? Where would you most like to visit?
  8. RTWmaniac

    RTWmaniac Registered Member

    Traveling is a complete obsession of mine and I think it's safe to say it's had a direct effect on the person I am today. Most interesting place? That's tough. New York is probably the most interesting place in the world that I've seen, but it's only an hour from me. As for places I've actually traveled to, eastern Europe as a whole is always interesting. Maybe Krakow, Poland stands out for some reason. Amazing food, incredible culture, great people. Also I found the Dominican Republic to be very interesting. Some of those people live in wretched poverty but they are some of the happiest people I've ever encountered; very very friendly and welcoming.

    There aren't too many places that aren't on my 'to go to' list. I want to see it all. As my handle suggests, I'm preparing for a round-the-world trip. Just waiting for a bit of cooperation from my job, and then I'm off. I was actually thinking of trying to get a work visa for Oz, but I guess it depends on how much time I'll have and what time of the year I leave.

    How about you? I'm sure you've done your share of traveling. The only thing you Aussies do as much as drink is travel.

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