Movies Mike Cera Officially SUCKS!!


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You all know him. Superbad, Juno, Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist, several others I can't remember because I haven't seen them.

Of the three specifically mentioned, Mike Cera has proven himself to be a completely HORRIBLE actor. COMPLETELY!
A) Facial Expressions. Cera's facial expression are completely unconvincing. His face literally does not change throughout any of his movies. In "Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist" he was begging forgiveness from this girl he is supposedly totally in love with and not a flicker alter in his face. Superbad, he is fighting with his best friend over getting booze and getting laid, and again, his face expression hardly alters.
B) Voice. His voice has NEVER changed in tone through out any of his movies. he makes false tones, which are not convincing in the least. He barely raises his voice, his tone stays the same boring average speaking voice. I highly doubt he could ever pull off even simple accents as well, such as a southern drawl.
C) Gait. No matter the situation, Michael Cera walks in the same gait. Except for his running, he always walks just like he is casually walking down the street. How you walk is a convincing part of acting that shows how a character is feeling, and Cera totally ignores that.

I do not know how this guy still has a job, he is completely horrible!


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No... no no... it's that girls like me are in love with his nerd-ness. None of us think he's the best actor ever... or even... really a good actor, since he plays HIM in everything he's in...

But this is why he's in movies geared toward teens. Emo boys try to identify with him and teen girls just want him. Period.


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I think he's a likeable guy. he just has a natural funniness about him. He's not going to do anything besides comedies, but that's alright I guess. He kind of reminds me of Seth Rogen and how people criticize him for not really doing anything in his movies but has fans nonetheless.


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Seth Rogan actually acts. He does movement, he improvises, he does facial acting. He is good. Mike Cera just, talks really. Its agravating
Rogen basically plays the same character everytime too. And so doesn't Cera. Hell, so don't a lot of really famous actors. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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Seth Rogan actually acts. He does movement, he improvises, he does facial acting. He is good. Mike Cera just, talks really. Its agravating
Seth Rogen has more range than Michael Cera but not by a landslide. Rogen has a lot of similar mannerisms in all of his movies.

Besides Cera acted much better in SUPERBAD than any other of his movies. He's typecast because that's who he is in real life, he's the socially timid and slightly awkward teenager so it was appropriate for SUPERBAD.

It's movies like YEAR ONE that are the backwash of his career cause he's only effective in those typecast roles. That's all he's good for.
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I liked him in Superbad but other then that I cannot really stand him. He always plays the same character, he's not a diverse actor and I don't believe he'll ever be one.


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By the way, (almost forgot) I already made a Michael Cera thread a while back. If anyone feels like merging this thread feel free.

Anyways, I wouldn't even say that Cera has John Wayne Syndrome cause he's technically playing himself in his roles. I don't see his career expanding much further than what he's doing now. He'll probably try to do another type of role but I don't think it'll wokr out very well.
Cera isn't supposed to be a diverse actor though. Like people have said, he is the funny, awkward kid and he is damn good at playing that role. Sandler is super famous and he did that by basically playing the same character over and over, with very little changes. Same with the early Jim Carrey.