Miguel Cabrera

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Millz, Oct 5, 2009.

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    I heard that he had a bruise and cut on his cheek bone, he was asked by the media what happened and he responded by saying he's only concentrating on the game right now. So now we know what happened lol. Personally I don't think this will effect his play though.
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    There is more.


    Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera -- under fire for a weekend of bad baseball and what police describe as heavy drinking at Birmingham's Townsend Hotel and a scuffle with his wife -- now has to answer for a second bizarre incident at the Townsend. A police report released late Monday quotes witnesses as saying an erratic Cabrera taunted an overweight, 15-year-old boy at the hotel in late August and had to be escorted out. One witness said Cabrera "acted as if he was on some drug" during the outburst; witnesses said the confrontation grew so heated that he challenged the teen's table to a fight outside and implied he had a gun there.

    Detroit Free Press
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    Wow! That's just some weird shit and hopefully it's not true. The rumors were that he was going to get benched as his punishment but Leyland came out and said that he will be playing in today's game.

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