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    The Press Association: French are to close 'jungle' camp


    Every couple of years a news story similar to the one above will report how another camp in Calais is closed down. The biggest problem with the camps is no one will claim responsibility for the refugees in them.

    Officially the migrants should seek assylum in the first EU country they enter, this is usually Italy, Greece or Bulgaria. The problem is they then become the responsibility of that country, until assylum is granted, or not. So often the migrants are hurried through to the next border.

    The main problem lies between France and the UK, one of the busiest and most guarded border with a 21 mile channel of water seperating the two countries. Often the migrants end goal is the UK so the migrants get stuck on the border as it is incredibly hard to smuggle through. The French say the migrants are Britains responsibility as that is the country they wish asylum in, the UK thinks its a French problem as the migrants are in France.

    Most of the migrants are young men in their teens from Afghanistan and Iran. With a few from Iran, Yemen & Somalia. The main reason they opt for the UK over all the other European countries they have passed through is language, most have a primitive understanding of the English language so an English speaking country is beneficial. Most also have relatives in the UK. There is also the misconception that the UK has a benefit culture superior to other EU nations. Plus finaly the island has been a traditional resting place for assylum throughout history.

    These people are determined to get to the UK, this camp will be destroyed most will disperse and return within weeks for a new camp to form, the French spend a lot of money policing them, and the UK spends a lot of money keeping them out. Few will tell the truth to their route through Europe so the enterance country will never except responsibility and even if they are returned to their home countries, outside fo the complications of political assylum and war most would just do the long journey back to Calais again.

    So what should happen to these refugees/migrants? I use the word loosely becasue some are economic and some are political. And whos responsibility is it to take them in, police them, guard them, feed them where ever they maybe?
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    Send back to the country from whence they came. These immigrants already had a chance of proving their worthiness of asylum, but were rejected because their situation required no immediate protection. These are not political immigrants, but economic and pseudo-political ones.
    As far as I can see the primary responsibility lies with the French. They should either send these illegal immigrants back from where they came (i.e. italy, spain or whatever) like the Brits do or pay the cost for complete rehabilitation.

    I think there needs to be a new European policy, which forces countries to pay for the complete journey back home, rather than enabling countries to transfer the problem to other states. The best way to deal with illegal immigrants is to invest in better security measures in Spain, Italy, Greece and all the other 'gateways' down south.
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    Most would just try again and again. Its a long and dangerous journey. would this resolve the problem?

    The Uk is blessed to be an island, if the French sent the immigrants back to Spain it would not be long before they reappear in Calais.

    Thats just what is happening with Italy and it just moved the problem down the line. Rather than moving it onto France or the UK though it just gets moved back to Libya.

    Reuters AlertNet - EU should stop Italy forcing migrants to Libya-HRW

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