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Microsoft Retiring Windows 98/ME Support


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It's about time this happened. It will be nice to finally see most people making the switch the XP.

Retiring 98 means no more security updates, no more updates period. It was a great operating system while it lasted, and it lasted close to 10 years. I agree that it's time to move on though.

The only sad thing is that I have several games that only work for 98 and I haven't been able to get them to work on XP at all.

Oh well. :)


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You scared me there for a second. On my monitor, the thread topic in the forum listing just reads "Microsoft Retiring Windows" - no room for the rest. Just about had a heart attack for a second :D

Yeah, I knew they were going to do that. As I understand it, they will be gradually removing support and patches, etc. for all versions a certain time after they have been supplanted by newer versions. I don't think anyone really liked ME (oops .. of course everyone likes me, I meant Windows ME ;) ) but I guess some people still use it. I thought it was a pain - had it as the default on one of my previous computers. Not too sad to see Windows 98 go either - found it really buggy.

Still, it sucks for all those people out there who don't necessarily live and die by their computers and still have these versions running and they meet their needs just fine. Once they hit a bug or crash they'll have to upgrade to something they probably can't afford. Plus, the issue of games is a biggee. One of my all-time favorites just won't play on XP either. Price of progress I guess. I hope overall support from Microsoft improves as a result overall.


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I am very glad to see 98 get the heck out. I mean honestly, who uses it any more, and if you do, your a morron. Nearly nothing worked right, it was so easy to crash, and the security sucked ***. So, go microsoft for retiring 98, burn it in the ground.
(my 2 cents)


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Umm... 98se was a VERY stable OS. Much better than ME.

True, I like XP somewhat better. Although, I'm a Slackware Linux kinda guy, ya know?