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Microsoft is adding windows 10 to your computer.


Free Spirit
Staff member
One suggestion that was offered to me to keep them from doing this is to go to your control panel, windows updates, and set it to "check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them."

If you are on a metered service these updates could cause you to go over your limit.


Registered Member


Registered Member
Yeah the updates are over the top but theres more than a few reasons. The new Microprocessors out there wont support Windows 7 or 8. So hardware upgrades cant really happen without Windows 10.

But like Danwiz said you can manage updates from your settings.
Also if you do install Windows 10 it will try to install updates in Windows 7 or 8 while it installs Windows 10. That can happen while the OS is preparing for installation but option boxes pop up behind the prep-box. Just pull down that box to see if any option pop-ups are hiding.

I didnt get any option boxes when I installed Windows 10 but some people did.
But I do agree that people should have a choice about upgrading to Windows 10. Not everyone wants to upgrade their hardware and not everyone wants to keep using windows.