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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Mirage, May 31, 2007.

  1. Mirage

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    I just formatted my hard drive and had to reinstall everything and as I was going through programs that I normaly use I debated whether or not to install them again. One of those was FrontPage 2000. A 7 year old version of Microsoft's mediocre HTML design software. I couldn't find the CD at first so I had to go an entire day without it. Was it hard? Yes! Here's why...

    The programs loads in about 2 seconds. Any text copied from it is automatically copied as HTML, which is super convenient for quick text editing, spell checking, etc when setting up small pages.

    Design-wise it's not really the best but I use notepad anyway for designing. I own a full licensed version of Dreamweaver CS3 and to be honest I haven't used it since buying it (It came with my CS3 Design Suite). I have never liked Dreamweaver. It makes crazy CSS and is hard to clean up after. It makes a big mess out of my pages. At least with FrontPage nothing is automated. Everything stays how it should after I put it in and I can truly use it as a testing editor for all the pages I make in NotePad.

    Anyway, I found the CD just a few minutes ago and installed it. It already feels good to have it back. :) I haven't even used the new versions since 2000 but I doubt I would like them. I like programs that open quickly and don't have tons of options that I don't want. I hardcode most of my code so why would I want a button to create it? It just goofs things up.

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    The only reason I like WYSIWYG editors (I think FrontPage is one?) is how you can see your work rendered instantly. This ability, though, can be achieved with the Firefox web developer extension. A lot of these editors, and html specific text editors (not WYSIWYG purposes) have annoying features for me. The best editor I've found without annoying features, is Crimson Editor. I just look for simple syntax highlighting. When designing, I usually have some sort of text editor open, along with Firefox. (I'd use Crimson Editor, but it isn't for Linux, so I resort to Gedit)
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    I thought you were asking for someone to hook you up.

    /me closes torrents.
  4. Mirage

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    Nope, paid $90 or so for it in 2000 and it's still works so I am good. Also this thread is over a year old. It's still true though. I use it mostly for quick text formatting for the web. It's useless for actually making a site with. I use a basic coding text editor still for that. ;)
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    oh wow, when I saw "5-31" I just assumed it was from 2008, lol.
  6. Mirage

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    No worries. I was kind of bummed that nobody cared to reply to this a year ago lol. I guess a year late is better than never. :)

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