Mick Foley


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As of late, people are burying Mick Foley by saying he no longer has a connection with the crowd. Some people even knock his promos. Foley does have creative control and does have the right to refuse anything that is passed his way, however Vince has to approve the final word. He's not the priority being catered to as he used to be.



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Personally I think Foley is washed up, one big reason why people use to love him, is because he was in crazy matches like the Hell in a Cell where he fought the Undertaker and flew off the top of the cage. He was a risk taker, and fans loved it, but now he hasn't wrestled since Wrestlemania 21, and he's only on the mic. But he has done a lot for the business, so Vince would be an ass if he fired him.


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He should for sure stay somewhere in the organization as a smaller role. I mean he went through literally everything to make the fans stand up and cheer so it would be hanus to see him be fired. But Vince is a good man and he won't let him go. Personally I think after his match at Mania 22 he still has something left from time to time , My guess would be him doing some shows once or twice a year for a couple years and then retiring forever.